Kundali Bhagya 18th June 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 18th June 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 18th June 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 18th June 2023 episode starts with the goon showing Nidhi Karan’s video while Nidhi tells him how could Karan be there.

In the meantime, the goon tells her that Karan is either Preeta’s husband or lover because he fought with him badly to save Preeta.

However, Nidhi tells him to stop his commentary as Karan is not Preeta’s husband but hers.

Just then, she disconnects the call while Karan hits the goon hard.

Meanwhile, Nidhi plans to take Karan out of the fire and make him believe that what he saw is Preeta’s hallucination.

Rishabh comes inside with Shaurya, Rajveer and Sandy and tells everyone that the fireman is out of danger and the police are searching for the goon.

After a while, Rishabh assures Rakhi and Kareena not to worry and be comfortable and tells Nidhi to stay by Kareena and Rakhi’s side as there are a lot of things happening in the house that should not be.

After a while, Raja, the goon comes to Luthra's house and tries to recall when was he there before.

Meanwhile, Karan tries to wake Preeta telling her to leave from there as this is not a safe place for them.

Just then, the goon once again charges at Karan and they wrestle with each but Karan is very weak and almost gets beaten when

Rishabh somehow comes there and the goon lands a hard blow on Karan and hides in another room.

At that moment Rishabh overhears something falling and gets shocked to see Karan lying inside.

Karan tries to tell him about Preeta but falls unconscious before that.

Meanwhile, Rishabh supports him and takes him out leaving Preeta alone at the mercy of the goon.

Elsewhere, Shaurya tells Sandy that the person should not manage to escape.

Kareena searches for Rakhi along with Nidhi and Aarohi while Shaurya encounters Rajveer and asks him if he found anyone.

Rajveer tells him that he would have told him if they had found anyone while Shaurya tells him that they should continue to search for them.

After a while, Aarohi tells Nidhi not to worry as the goon will never take her name even if he is caught.

However, Nidhi tells her that she has seen Karan inside the fire and she is worried that something might happen to Karan.

Aarohi tells her to go and save Karan and make sure that Preeta never returns to her life. 

In the meantime, Rishabh settles Karan on his bed while Karan tells him to save Preeta. 

Rishabh runs to save Preeta but realises that it cannot be true as Preeta is dead. 

Assuming that Karan is in shock he calls the doctor.

After a while, Nidhi comes to the outhouse looking for Karan but finds Preeta lying on the floor. 

She checks her pulse to determine if she is alive and angrily suffocates her neck to kill her. 

Meanwhile, Shaurya stops Palki, addressing her as Jhumki Wali, and asks her who has fed her all these lies about him kidnapping her and locking her in a room while Palki tells her that they are not fools. 

As Palki tries to leave, Shaurya tells her to answer his question and taunts her when she remains silent. 

Palki tries to leave in frustration when Shaurya holds her hand to stop her.

Palki turns around and slaps him hard while Shaurya looks shocked and reflexively raises her hand to slap her back but stops in midair. 

Meanwhile, Rajveer comes to the outhouse to check if Preeta is taken to safety and is shocked to see Nidhi sitting beside her while Preeta rubs her neck in pain. 

In the meantime, Rishabh tries to wake Karan and tells him that Preeta is not with them but Karan tells him that Preeta is back and he has talked to her. 

Rishabh gets worried listening to him while Karan struggles to sit up to save Preeta. 

However, Karan once again falls unconscious while Rishabh calls the doctor again telling him to hurry. 

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