Kundali Bhagya 18th March 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 18th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Nidhi crying in her room as she recalls Kavya crying as she fought with Varun as Rakhi comforts her.

Nidhi comes and sorts her fight while Rakhi hugs her.

She comes back to reality and sees her and Karan's photo and cries frantically.

She tears the photo from the middle and says that her life feels incomplete without him and talks to the photo asking Karan why he asked her to go as she has nowhere to go.

She suddenly stands up and goes somewhere as she collides with Rakhi while she asks her what is the matter but Nidhi avoids the question and leaves.

Rakhi talks to herself saying that she is sure there is something wrong between Nidhi and Karan and that she must go and talk to Karan.

Meanwhile, Preeta is on her balcony as she recalls all the moments with Karan in the basement while she wonders what is happening to her and sees Dadi going somewhere.

She offers to bring milk for her while Rakhi goes to Karan and sees him reading something.

She tells him that she saw Nidhi looking dull and sad and she is sure that he has hurt her while Karan tries to explain to her what they talked about.

Rakhi says that whatever Karan decides should be in Nidhi's favor and not in Preeta's or Rakhi will go against him.

She further adds that whatever happened 25 years back made her feel that she would lose her son and she too wanted Preeta and him to be together but since things didn't work out, it's better to let the past remain the past.

They both talk about what happened in the past as Rakhi asks him if she is of no value to him while Karan says that it is not like this as she says that she too lived with Preeta but she left with Rudra and since she has left, Nidhi has taken care of everything and everyone.

She tells him that Nidhi can't replace Preeta but she has done a lot for them and not considering Nidhi's efforts will make them selfish and adds that Nidhi's sacrifices are far more valuable than Karan's and Preeta's relationship.

She requests him to send Preeta away after Dadi's treatment and leaves from there.

Concurrently, Palki stands near Rajveer's home as he asks her what she is doing here and why she is upset while she says that she is hiding something from her as he says that she can't explain her more but whatever he is doing is right.

He says that he feels helpless while Palki tries to calm him but he goes and asks her to stay away from him or she too will burn in the heat of his pain.

Subsequently, Nidhi goes into the kitchen and sees a gas cylinder while she recalls Karan saying that he can't love her as she goes near it.

She talks to herself and says that he will miss her when she is dead as she starts to search for a lighter but can't find it and finds a matchbox instead.

Meanwhile, Preeta goes into the kitchen and snatches the matchbox from her hand, and sends her away while she fixes the knob.

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