Kundali Bhagya 18th May 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 18th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Kavya stating to Preeta that everything happens good when she comes to their house while Kritika supports her claim and also apologizes to Preeta for Nidhi's bad behaviour with her.

She adds, that it's really commendable that Preeta still supports them in every thick and thin even after Nidhi's harsh words.

Meanwhile, Preeta says that she considers Luthra's family as her own thus she doesn't take Nidhi's words seriously after which Karan states that it's her family only.

After that, Preeta leaves and calls Kavya and Kritika outside while Mahesh breaks down in front of Rakhi that Karan has done very wrong by committing suicide.

He adds, what if anything bad would have happened with him how they would have lived without him while Rakhi says that Mahesh shouldn't worry now as Preeta saved Karan coming on the time.

She adds, that now Karan won't repeat his mistake while Mahesh stays doubtful about so Rakhi says that Preeta is Karan's every problem solution.

Just then, Kareena comes there and asks Rakhi that Mahesh is talking about Karan than why Rakhi is praising Preeta and Rajveer unnecessarily.

Further, she says that Rakhi should worry about Karan and Shaurya who is in jail while Rakhi clears her point and states that Kareena thinks Rajveer and Preeta are bad luck for them but she feels they are their Kundali Bhagya.

After that, Mahesh intervenes and says to Rakhi that Kareena is just worried about Karan and isn't against her.

He adds, that everyone loves each other in the family while when Preeta is about to go Nidhi stops her and rebukes her for finding excuses to come in their family.

She says first she was treating Dadi and now Karan too if she is doctor then she should give her the prescription and instructions to take care of them but she is trying to steal her position.

Further, Preeta gives her the instructions while Nidhi says now she'll take care of Dadi and Karan and Preeta shouldn't come there but Preeta says that she won't get satisfaction as a doctor if she won't take care of them personally.

After that, she says that she has to bring Shaurya out of jail too and worries for him while Nidhi accuses her to even try to snatch Shaurya from her.

She alleges Rajveer for Shaurya's situation while Karan comes to defend Rajveer while Nidhi asks him 5 questions regarding Rajveer which shocks him.

Ahead, Preeta says Rajveer is innocent and she'll prove it after which she leaves and Kavya goes to apologize to her on Nidhi's behalf while Preeta understands Nidhi.

Further, Peeta asks Kavya to take care of Nidhi and praises her for worrying for her.

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