Kundali Bhagya 18th September 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 18th September 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 18th September 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 18th September 2023 episode starts with Shrishti and Preeta waiting while Mohit arrives there. 

Shrushti asks about Gurpreet and he states that she will come on her own and talks about her being fashionably late.

Just then, the goon pushes Shrishti and walks around while Preeta and Shrishti start rebuking him.

However, Shrishti recalls that it's the same goon who had tried to kill Preeta and runs after him while Preeta throws the helmet at him.

The goon falls to the ground and Preeta and Shrishti beat him up while lying to the onlookers that the goon is their maid's husband.

Gurpreet's son, Mohit scares the goon lying to him that he has put a gun on his back, and takes him home.

Meanwhile, at the Luthra house, the family is preparing while Rajveer's eyes fall on Palki and he gets lost in her.

Shaurya notices Shanaya and compliments her while she smiles at him and looks away.

However, Shaurya's eyes also fall on Palki and he gets confused while Kavya goes to Karan.

He compliments her while Kavya tells him that Rishabh has already given her the same compliment as Karan and Rishabh jokingly argue.

Bani tells Karan that he has gotten her genes making him handsome and talented while Karan tells Rakhi that he is going to leave.

Rishabh states that Karan just wants attention and jokes with everyone while Daljeet makes her entry.

Palki introduces her to everyone while Daljeet goes to Shaurya and tells him to come to her home regularly.

She starts talking about her stories while telling Rakhi that she feels connected to the Luthra family.

Shanaya takes Rajveer with her and Shaurya's mood sours seeing it.

Meanwhile, Shanaya takes Rajveer to a room and asks him if he likes someone.

He thinks about Palki and reveals that he likes one girl but he doesn't know if she returns his feelings or not.

She asks him if the girl is Palki or not and he nods while telling her to not reveal it to anyone.

Palki listens to their conversation while Shanaya tells Rajveer that people think that he has feelings for her as he gets possessive of her.

Palki leaves while Shaurya comes there and listens to their conversation.

Shanaya sees him and smirks as she tells Rajveer to not be jealous or over-possessive of her and to sort out his feelings.

She leaves while Rajveer thinks that Shanaya is right and decides to change his path towards his love, Palki.

Meanwhile, in the hall, Kavya and the family tease Vivek saying that he has come for Kavya rather than the Pooja.

Mahesh jokes that even he used to do it in his time and leaves with Rakhi while the family leaves Kavya and Vivek alone.

Back at Gurpreet's house, Preeta, Mohit, and Shrishti bring in the goon and tie him to a chair while Shrishti slaps him across the face.

She scolds him for trying to kill her sister and says that she knows he was intentionally trying to kill her.

Shrishti continues slapping him demanding to know who is the goon's boss.

The goon acts oblivious while Shrishti takes the vase from Preeta and starts beating the goon with it who agrees to tell the truth.

Back at the Luthra house, Palki cries in an empty room looking at the mirror as she thinks that Rajveer likes Shanaya who is much more prettier, smarter, and beautiful than her.

Rajveer comes there just then and Palki lies that there was something in her eye while he tells her that he knew she would hide her tears from her.

She leaves while he tries to go after her and bumps into Shanaya while Palki watches them.

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