Kundali Bhagya 19th June 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 19th June 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 19th June 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Nidhi leaves Preeta in the outhouse

Today's Kundali Bhagya 19th June 2023 episode starts with Rajveer looking around for Preeta while Nidhi has removed Preeta into the kitchen and holding her mouth to keep her silent.

Rajveer thinks that the firemen have taken Preeta to the hospital and leaves whileNidhi gets back to suffocating Preeta but has to stop hearing the footsteps again. 

Seeing kerosene kept in the kitchen, she pours it on the doors so no one comes inside.

She is about to put a burning blanket on Preeta when some voices scare her and she leaves the burning blanket near Preeta and hides. 

The inspector sees the fire and tells the constable to call the firemen and goes out to attend to the call. 

Elsewhere, Shaurya tells Palki not to test his patience as Palki insults him.

Palki tells him that he is the one testing her patience and also tells him that she knows that he is her kidnapper because he is the only arrogant man that she has encountered who is dwarfed by his own ego and is a walking devil. 

Meanwhile, Shaurya tells her and warns her to never again raise her hand on him or she will regret the day she met him. 

Palki tells him that she is already regretting meeting such a dry person and curses herself forever for meeting him. 

As Palki turns around, a loud scream is released from her throat seeing something while everyone gathers around her. 

Palki points towards the fireman lying in the corner who AK has replaced. 

Just then, Rakhi sees Raja loitering in the hall while Kareena tells Shaurya to catch him.

At the same time, AK is also seen hiding from them and Rajveer runs after him. 

Palki goes to check on the fireman and tells them that he is alive while Rakhi tells Kareena to call the servants and settle him in a room. 

She asks her to call Rishabh and also find Karan who is nowhere to be found but Kareena tells her that she has seen Rishabh upstairs so they should go there. 

Raja goes to kill Preeta

Meanwhile, AK feels overwhelmed at being trapped again when Raja pulls him inside the room. 

He tells him that twenty years ago he came here to rob the house and has suffered at their hands so he is leaving. 

However, AK tells him that he has got this work after a long time and will not leave without taking payment so Raja needs to kill Preeta while AK keeps everyone busy after him. 

Raja agrees and leaves while AK thinks to drive everyone after him.

Meanwhile, Rishabh goes to check on the noises worrying about the ladies. 

In the outhouse, Raja is pleased to see unconscious Preeta and tells her that she is destined to die at his hand. 

He is about to shoot her when the police once again come there and forces Raja to hide. 

After a while, AK is surrounded from both sides and tries to escape using the knife but Rishabh disarms him and Shaurya captures him. 

However, AK had another knife and cuts himself free and ran followed by Shaurya and Rajveer. 

Rakhi asks Karan to wake up

Meanwhile, Rishabh tells Rakhi and Kareena to go to Karan who was trapped in the fire and is now lying unconscious after inhaling too much smoke. 

All the ladies come to Karan’s room and try to listen to what he is babbling. 

Nidhi tells Aarohi that he will have to do something before everyone finds out about Preeta. 

She tells Rakhi and Kareena to go and rest and let Karan rest too as he does not look so well. 

However, Rakhi refuses to leave Karan so Nidhi tells Kareena to convince Rakhi to go and rest. 

Kareena does not look convinced and tells her to let her stay with Karan but Nidhi tells her that if she really cares for Rakhi then she should take her back to her room.

As Kareena and Rakhi are about to leave, Karan calls Preeta’s name and says that she has come back. 

Meanwhile, Raja decides to use the knife instead of a gun so no one hears the gunshot. 

Elsewhere, Nidhi clenches her teeth in frustration and tells Kareena that Karan is suffering from hallucinations due to smoke inhalation. 

Later, Rakhi refuses to leave Karan while Nidhi walks out from there and tells Aarohi not to worry as soon Preeta will be dead. 

Meanwhile, Rakhi tells Karan to wake up and talk to her and tells him that she has also seen Preeta but what she cannot understand is why Preeta left without meeting them. 

Rakhi cries with happiness and tells her that she has assured her that Preeta is not her illusion but reality. 

She tries to wake Karan to ask her where he had seen her and goes to get some water to sprinkle on him. 

Meanwhile, Karan recalls Preeta trapped in the fire and wakes up with a jolt. 

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