Kundali Bhagya 19th March 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 19th March 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 19th March 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 19th March 2023 episode starts with Preeta, Shrishti, and Rajveer coming back to their house after playing Holi so perfectly.

Preeta smilingly says that a while ago, Rajveer was getting scolded but now both she & Shrishti are returning home laughing.

She further adds that his name should have been Krishna and goes to buy dry fruits to make Rajveer's milkshake since he has an interview to attend.

Seeing Preeta dote on Rajveer, Shrishti gets emotional as she recalls the past and says that even though the memory has been lost, the heart's connection can never fail.

Shrishti then orders Rajveer to not become a miser and buy himself a nice T-shirt to wear at his friend, Vipin's marriage but Rajveer tells Shrishti that he will only spend the money wisely on his sweet mother.

She then tells him to have a bath while Preeta returns and makes Rajveer a hearty milkshake.

However, Rajveer discovers that his shoes are torn and he has to wear them at the interview which will start a bit later.

Preeta checks the shoes and assures Rajveer that she will fix them while he bathes and gets ready in his fresh clothes making Rajveer smile widely.

Meanwhile, Shaurya comes out of the washroom and changes his clothes with a fresh look to go out to have fun.

Shaurya does not find his favorite pair of sneakers and searches for them while Nidhi comes there and tells Shaurya to choose any other shoes from his collection.

Shaurya is determined to wear those shoes only and asks Nidhi to help him find them as the dance festival is starting soon.

Rakhi comes into the room and asks Shaurya to choose any shoe from his collection as he has the privilege to have so many in a rich household.

Shaurya tells Rakhi to keep her old-fashioned thoughts to herself as he is Shaurya Luthra who has an aura and style to carry with him.

Rakhi asks Shaurya to take the prasad from her and gets shocked to watch him keep it away on the table instead of eating.

Nidhi distracts Rakhi from Shaurya and asks her to leave him alone for now while Rakhi wonders how Shaurya was talking to her like that when her sons never behaved in such an impolite manner.

As Rajveer is about to leave, Preeta comes with his shoes stitched which he likes very much, and leaves for his interview.

Shrishti gets worried about how she will tell both Rajveer and Preeta about them being mother and son.

However, remembering everything from the past, Shrishti decides that she will never let Rajveer know that he belongs to the Luthra family as they hurt Preeta so deeply that she has lost herself.

Later, Rakhi comes to Karan's room and asks him to get the prasad while he was working in a meeting.

Karan whose face has completely changed now halts his meeting and tells Rakhi he will spend time with her later.

Rakhi walks out of his room sadly and meets Kareena as both of them talk about how Karan has changed and aged a lot.

Kareena recalls how badly Karan's face was injured 20 years ago when they had to perform 27 surgeries and on top of this, he also lost his family and a baby.

Tears rush down Rakhi's eyes as she wishes Rajveer to be there with Shaurya because if he had been here, Shaurya wouldn't turn out so spoilt. 

Both of them cry and try to find comfort in each other.

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