Kundali Bhagya 19th March 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 19th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Nidhi crying while thinking that Preeta will take her place again in Karan’s life.

Rakhi notices her and tries to console her saying that no one can take her place in Luthra's house not even Preeta.

Nidhi thanks her and regrets not seeing her this side earlier and curses herself for not being a good daughter-in-law.

Rakhi's heart melts and she wipes off her tears and assures that she will never allow Preeta to take her place in Karan’s life.

Then, she goes from there while Shaurya comes there and asks Nidhi why is she crying after which Nidhi holds his cheeks and says that she will always pray for him and love him till her last breath.

Shaurya hugs her and says that he will never leave her whereas Preeta goes into the kitchen and sees that the matchstick is lying on the floor so she murmurs that Nidhi is so careless.

Later on the next day, Nidhi tries to gain Karan’s attention and asks him to wear a suit of her choice but he refuses which breaks her heart.

Nidhi cries and decides to suicide and she prepares to hang herself on the fan while Preeta notices it.

Preeta knocks at her door and asks Nidhi to open the door but she refuses after which Preeta asks her to not do anything wrong but Nidhi does not listen to her.

After that, Preeta notices Kareena and asks her to come along with her to Nidhi’s room because she is trying to attempt suicide.

Kareena gets anxious and comes along with her while Shaurya also comes there noticing Kareena and Preeta going toward  Nidhi’s room.

Shaurya becomes anxious when he gets to know that Nidhi is trying to attempt suicide after which he asks her to not do anything wrong.

Nidhi tells Shaurya to never forget that she will always love her even after dying which brings tears to Shaurya’s eyes.

Just then, Palki tries to contact Preeta after which Preeta picks up her call and informs her about Rajveer’s weird behavior to Preeta.

Palki apologizes for contacting her but Preeta thanks her for informing about it whereas Karan gets to know about Nidhi.

He leaves his work and comes back to the house breaks the door goes inside and sees that Nidhi has hanged herself.

Karan brings her down but she is unconscious while Preeta calls Rajveer and asks him why is he feeling bad.

Rajveer does not accept it after which Preeta tells her that Palki informed him about him then Rajveer tells her that home is incomplete without her.

Preeta becomes emotional while he cuts the call and goes to scold Palki whereas Preeta goes to the hospital along with Karan for Nidhi’s checkup but Karan hits a vendor on the way.

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