Kundali Bhagya 19th May 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 19th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Preeta saying to Kavya that the mother gives birth to her can't be wrong ever as she is so sweet and well behaved.

She adds, it's said that daughters becomes like their mothers only and Kavya hugs Preeta while she asks her to not worry for her and handle Nidhi now as she needs her.

After that, Preeta leaves and Kavya sees her leaving while Nidhi says that she asked 5 questions to Karan but he doesn't have answers of even one.

She goes to Kareena and says that years ago she came to the house and but can't become Karan's wife.

However, she becomes children's mother suppressing her wishes but now Preeta is trying to enter her house and snatch her position.

Just then, Kavya comes and says that she knows Kavya wants to give love and respect to Preeta but Rajveer wants to destroy Karan that's why today Karan even tried to commit suicide.

Meanwhile, Karan says that it's not Rajveer's fault but he lost his cool and committed suicide after which Nidhi doesn't believe him and continues to argue.

She even argues with Dadi which triggers Kareena and Mahesh while Nidhi questions if Rakhi can accept if Mahesh's past comes back to the house shocking everyone.

After that, she continues to blame Rajveer while Rakhi says Rajveer isn't at fault.

However, Nidhi stays adamant so Rakhi says that it might be possible that Karan is lying so she'll call Rajveer to know the truth.

There, Rajveer doesn't pick up Rakhi's call as he doesn't have courage to talk with her which makes Nidhi's claim stronger.

On the other hand, Preeta comes to meet Shaurya in the cell and apologizes to him on Rajveer's behalf as he is here due to him while Rakhi feels the home is getting break after which Mahesh consoles her.

After that, Kavya comes and asks if they also think Rajveer is at fault while Nidhi says that it's Rajveer who wants to destroy them.

However, Rakhi says that Nidhi is making mistake in understanding the person thus Rajveer will come to prove his innocence.

Meanwhile, Anshuman comes to meet Shaurya and tries to instigate him saying he had given Karan a deal to give his half property to him in exchange of his bail but he didn't otherwise, he would have been out of jail.

He also accuses Karan to have an affair with Preeta after which Shaurya tricks Anshuman to make him go while Preeta comes home and confronts Rajveer.

After that, he accepts his mistakes and Preeta slaps him and tries to take him to Luthra's house just then they got shocked to see Rakhi and Kavya there.

There, Kareena says to Karan that Rajveer wants to destroy him while Karan remembers why Rajveer wants to destroy him.

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