Kundali Bhagya 19th September 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 19th September 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 19th September 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 19th September 2023 episode starts with Shanaya slipping and falling into Rajveer’s arms just when Shaurya watches them. 

Daljeet comes there and chides Shanaya for being too clumsy.

Afterwards, Rajveer warns Shaurya off and tells him that if thinking that Shanaya is his girlfriend will keep him away, then Shaurya should believe it.

However, Shaurya tells him that she is not his wife and who knows if she will become his wife instead. 

Shambhu Confess Nidhi's Name

On the other hand, Shrishti beats Shambhu into confessing Nidhi’s name. 

Mohit and Gurpreet are shocked to hear that Nidhi is after Preeta's life while Preeta tells them that they will have to confront Nidhi and find out why.

Meanwhile, Shrishti tells her that she will support her this time as Nidhi has crossed the line and this time, she will also teach her a lesson for daring to hurt her. 

She instructs Mohit to keep him tied and safe until they come back as he is his witness. 

In the meantime, Nidhi admires Karan from afar and wonders when will he look at her with love. 

As Karan passes by, Nidhi pretends to slip and Karan holds her before falling while recalling many such moment with Preeta and tells Nidhi that she should stand.

Shanaya Explains her Plan to Daljeet

In the meantime, Daljeet chides Shanaya for falling into Rajveer’s arms instead of Shaurya who is very poor. 

However, Shanaya tells her that this is part of her planning only and that Shaurya is feeling jealous and that soon he will be hers. 

Just then, Daljeet tells Shanaya that she was looking for her because this house impresses her so much that she will also settle here after her marriage and will take over Nidhi’s room. 

In the meantime, Girija tells them that everyone is calling them downstairs for the veneration. 

Meanwhile, Preeta and Shrishti arrive at the Luthra house and think about all the moments that Nidhi has tried to kill her.

Preeta tells Shrishti she will also ask her to ask Nidhi why she is after her children. 

Shrishti looks surprised to hear about Preeta calling Kavya her child when Preeta tells her that when Nidhi slapped her at the court it felt like she slapped her. 

She also tells her that it is evident that Shaurya has not got much love from Nidhi.

After a while, Shrishti asks Preeta how will they go inside as they must have been given an invite. 

Just then, Shrishti sees the dancers going in and tells Preeta to join them. 

Nidhi Wants Karan's Attention

Later, Nidhi thinks that Karan should recognise her love by now and just to prove to Karan that she needs a protector too decides to fall again to be in Karan’s arms. 

However, Nidhi, this time falls on the floor instead of Karan’s arm, prompting Girija to offer her hand instead of Karan's and tell her that she should be more careful while walking. 

Afterwards, Nidhi tells Girija that she is a servant and should act like one and stay away from her matters. 

On the other hand, Shaurya tells Sandy to not think that he will cheapen himself for falling in love with girls like Shanaya. 

However, Sandy tells him that he has changed in the past few months and he has seen him watching Palki differently. 

Meanwhile, Pandit Ji tells Rakhi that there is only half an hour left for the veneration. 

Dadi tells them all to have some fun before the birth of Lord Krishna. 

Just then, the dancers arrive there and Rishabh and Karan tell Dadi that there are the people who will give them fun. 

Shrishti tells her that they should cover their faces in a veil to join the troopers.

As Rakhi welcomes the troopers, Shrishti feels emotional to be back in this house.

However, Preeta and Shrishti get in a pickle to think that they will have to dance with the troopers but dives in anyway. 

Afterwards, the dances begin to dance to the tunes of “ Gokul Ki Radha Chali” and all the Luthras watch them with great delight. 

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