Kundali Bhagya 1st September 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 1st September 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 1st September 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 1st September 2023 episode starts with Rakhi telling Karan that Girish took Shrishti's name twice. 

Karan sternly asks Girish if Shrishti has come home. 

Rajveer tries to cover Girish and imitates his sneeze while Karan tells Girish that he must have sneezed a thousand times over the years but they never hear a name from him. 

Meanwhile, Nidhi feels relieved to hear that no one sees Shrishti. 

On the other hand, Shaurya comes after Shanaya and asks her why Rajveer gets upset when he shows her a dupatta. 

Shanaya very happily tells him that Rajveer likes her to the extent of obsession and cannot tolerate anyone near her. 

On being asked about her feelings, Shanaya tells him to find out for himself. 

Elsewhere, Shrishti returns home and Preeta asks her if she found out about the person she was suspicious about. 

Shrishti thinks that she is sure about Nidhi but does not have any evidence so she should not say anything to her yet. 

Shrishti tells her that she is investigating the matter and will need some time to get to the truth. 

However, Preeta does not believe her and thinks that Shrishti is hiding something from her. 

Sandy Confronts Shaurya About Shanaya

Elsewhere, Sandy sees Shaurya taking an interest in Shanaya and asks him what has happened to his choice. 

Shaurya tells him that he is interested in her because she is important to Rajveer and he has heard that if you want to cause pain to someone then they should be given emotional pain. 

So he wants to attack Rajveer's emotions by taking Shanaya away from him. 

Later, Shanaya attracts Rajveer's attention subtly which Karan notices as well.

After a while, Shanaya tells Rajveer to ask her before leaving so she can go with him. 

Rajveer agrees and then looks at Palki’s angry face and loudly tells her that he will drop both of them. 

However, Shaurya tells him not to worry as he will drop Shanaya and Palki on their way to the volleyball ground. 

Meanwhile, Nidhi is worried about seeing Shrishti at home and tells Aarohi that he has to kill Preeta at any cost before Luthras discovers her. 

Aarohi tells her that she knows a snake charmer who will definitely kill Preeta while Nidhi also likes the idea of killing Preeta through snake poison. 

Shanaya Tells Palki That Rajveer Loves Her

Later, Shanaya comes looking for Girish and begins to make plans about running this household with precision.

Just then Palki comes with soup plates while Shanaya asks her if she has also become a cook here. 

Meanwhile, Palki tells her that she has to take care of Dadi’s diet as well so she likes to add some extra touch because of the love she feels for her. 

After a while, Palki asks Shanaya if there is something going on between her and Rajveer. 

Shanaya is about to deny any relationship when she sees Shaurya passing by and tells Palki that there is love between her and Rajveer and that Rajveer is so obsessed with her that he does not want to leave her alone for a minute. 

Afterwards, Shanaya purposely ignores Shaurya and walks away. 

Rajveer Ruins Shaurya's Plan

Later, Karan is teasing Rajveer about Shanaya when Kavya comes to him telling him that he has to go shopping for Rakhsha Bandhan.

Just then Shaurya also comes there offering to take Palki and Shanaya home as promised. 

However, Shanaya tells Shaurya that she will go with Rajveer so he can take Palki while Palki tells Shanaya that she will take the auto. 

Meanwhile, Rajveer tells Shaurya to take Kavya shopping as it is raining and he will take Palki and Shanaya home safely. 

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