Kundali Bhagya 20th April 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 20th April 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 20th April 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 20th April 2023 episode starts with Shaurya thinking of picking Karan’s photo but changes his mind. 

Meanwhile, Mohit questions Rajveer for being alright about having a boy who he hates while Rajveer tells him that he does not hate him but dislikes him only. 

After a while, Mohit looks impressed at seeing Shaurya using his dumbbells and gets awestruck to see his body. 

However, Shaurya mocks him which makes him angry and he tells him that he has no interest in making a body like him. 

After a while, Preeta comes with turmeric milk and food for him. 

Despite Shaurya’s disgust, Preeta does not listen to him and tells him that his health comes first.

She also offers a bite of food to him so she can give him medicine afterwards. 

Shaurya finds herself obeying her again and takes a bite and actually likes the food. 

Afterwards, Preeta feeds Shaurya with her hand which makes him so happy that he tells her that he feels as if his mother is feeding him while Rajveer feels jealous seeing Preeta’s affection for Shaurya. 

Afterwards, Preeta cleans Shaurya’s wound and applies Haldi Lep on it while Shaurya feels loved. 

Rajveer offers to apply the medicine on Shaurya but Preeta denies his services telling him that she knows too well how he will apply.

After a while, seeing Shaurya and Rajveer exchanging looks, Preeta chides them both and tells them to shake hands and end this enmity with each other and behave like brothers. 

Rajveer and Shaurya try but Shaurya back out at the last minute while Preeta calls them stubborn. 

Just then Preeta gets the call and tells them to behave and goes to attend the call while Gurpreet and Mohit also go away. 

As Rajveer tells Shaurya to leave, Palki comes there with Preeta’s sari and looks shocked to see Shaurya. 

Shaurya also recognises her and asks her if this is the locality for troublemakers while Palki tells him that this locality houses honest and courageous people. 

Palki’s comeback impresses Shaurya but he turns to Rajveer and tells him to be careful as they are not done yet. 

Afterwards, Palki worriedly asks Rajveer how he knows Shaurya and tells him to be careful. 

Rajveer likes Palki’s concern and asks her if she cares for him which confuses Palki and she leaves in a hurry looking for Preeta. 

On his way back, Shaurya keeps thinking about Palki and feels weird about thinking about her. 

Elsewhere, Nidhi observes Karan walking towards Shaurya’s room and worriedly follows him to stop him from finding Shaurya absent. 

She even tries to seduce Karan to stop him but seeing it go to waste, she tells him that Shaurya is sleeping and he can talk with him after he wakes up. 

Afterwards, Nidhi feels frustrated at Karan's obliviousness towards her feelings and tells him that he will have to fall in love with her as she is simply the best. 

Later, Mahesh brings Dr Sanjeev back inside and tells Karan that Dr Sanjeev is his best friend and has saved him once from a bad diagnosis. 

As Mahesh goes to get tea, Dr Sanjeev tells Karan that Bani needs round-the-clock care as her health is deteriorating and it will be good if he hires a physiotherapist or junior doctor for her. 

Karan looks concerned and tells him to suggest whoever is most suitable. 

In the meantime, Shaurya is thinking about Preeta’s affection and loving personality and laughs at drinking the Turmeric milk at her command. 

He also wonders what hold Preeta has on him and that he listens to everything she says when he never does that with anyone else. 

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