Kundali Bhagya 20th February 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 20th February 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 20th February 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 20th February 2023 episode starts with Preeta telling Arjun that she will not keep his things anymore and that he should look after them himself. 

Arjun asks her if she is angry with him while Preeta shouts at him, saying he deserves her anger only. 

Arjun hugs her saying not to be angry with him while Preeta tells him to never leave her again. 

Meanwhile, Rishabh is shocked to hear Anjali’s stupid conspiracy theory and tells her to not drag Preeta into every matter as he will not tolerate a word against her. 

Anjali accuses Rishabh of loving Preeta while shaming him for letting Arjun marry Preeta for selfish reasons. 

Rishabh tells Anjali that his and Preeta’s relationship is beyond her understanding as Anjali balances relations on a balance sheet. 

Just then, Arjun comes down and tells Anjali to mind herself and not say anything against his family. 

Anjali also gets angry and reminds him about Preeta and Rishabh and what they have done to Karan. 

Anjali announces to them that Rishabh and Preeta killed Karan five years ago to get together. 

Rishabh and Preeta get angry at Anjali’s accusation and ask Arjun if he can believe this nonsense. 

Arjun tells her that he knows that she and Rishabh pushed him into the lake that fateful night. 

Rishabh asks him if was that the reason why he was not telling them about being Karan. 

Telling Arjun that they hired a detective when they could not understand why Arjun was not telling the truth, Arjun just confessed it.

Rishabh tells Arjun that on the night of his accident, another couple was dressed exactly like him and Preeta and shows him on his laptop.

Rishabh tells him that he is sure that they were the people who pushed him into the lake, making Karan think it was them. 

Meanwhile, Anjali throws the laptop on the floor and tells Arjun that the video is fake while Rishabh asks her whom should Arjun trust, her or his family. 

Anjali tries to convince Arjun that his family is lying but Dadi tells Anjali to get out of the house and they will find out on their own what is wrong and right. 

Anjali tells Arjun that they are not his family and that all are fake. 

However, Arjun tells Anjali to not be absurd as Luthras are his family, he loves them a lot and now that the misunderstanding is cleared, he wants to be with them.

He holds Preeta’s hand and tells her that he is her Karan while Anjali looks at the reunion with a drowning heart. 

Anjali once again takes a jibe at Preeta for trapping Arjun in her circle. 

Arjun defends Preeta and tells Anjali that he is the one in the wrong for putting his family through hell. 

He tells Preeta that he is thankful to God for making him realize that he is Karan and saving him from himself. 

Just then, Anjali pulls Preeta with her and puts a knife on her neck, telling everyone that Preeta has ruined her life. 

Everyone threatens Anjali for daring to hurt Preeta and tells her to come out of her illusion and accept that Arjun is not Arjun but Karan. 

Arjun tells Anjali to leave Preeta but Anjali tells him that he hates Preeta more than they all love her and now when he has given so many years loving Preeta, he should give it rest.

Arjun tells her not to talk nonsense as it is not possible but Anjali nicks Preeta’s neck, telling Arjun her seriousness. 

However, he comes closer to Anjali, asking her what she wants and in a jerky movement pushes Preeta away and slaps Anjali. 

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