Kundali Bhagya 20th July 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 20th July 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 20th July 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 20th July 2023 episode starts with Karan telling Rishabh everything that happened in the Roka ceremony while Rishabh asks him if Rajveer has stolen the money or not. 

Karan tells him that Money is not in its place and hasn’t been returned while Mahesh tells Rishabh that they are upset because Kavya is upset and considers Rajveer her brother. 

Rishabh tells Karan that he should talk to Kavya and that investigating Rajveer does not mean Rajveer is the thief. 

However, Karan tells him that he will not lie to Kavya as nothing can be put right. 

As Rishabh goes to Kavya, Karan tells Mahesh that they do not know what happened there and what they saw. 

Meanwhile, Mahesh is unsure whether Karan wants to help Rajveer or not. 

Elsewhere, Shaurya tells Sandy that he does not feel the satisfaction that he was hoping to get and tells him that he wants to break Rajveer internally so that he feels helpless and miserable. 

Sandy tells him that prison breaks a lot of people and when he will be held behind bars for a long period, people will start believing that it was Rajveer who stole the money. 

After a while, Shaurya asks the inspector, how long will Rajveer stay inside the jail and what if he also reopens an old case where he attempted to kill him. 

On hearing that the punishment will be for ten years, Shaurya becomes thoughtful and goes back inside.

Meanwhile, Rajveer is cursing himself for being a fool and going alone to get the money and worries about Preeta. 

Shaurya tells Rajveer that he will be here for 10 years minimum for attempted murder and that he is reopening the previous case.

Rajveer tells him that he was not trying to kill him but only teaching him a lesson.

Nidhi Celebrates With Aarohi

Elsewhere, Aarohi comes to meet Nidhi on the success of her plan and they celebrate with champagne. 

Nidhi calls Shaurya and is shocked to hear that he is at the police station but feels happy to hear that he is feeling huge satisfaction. 

On the other hand, Rishabh comes to Kavya who hugs him and tells him to put things right as Karan is not doing anything. 

Rishabh tells Kavya that Karan loves her the most and will definitely solve her problem.

Kavya runs to Karan while Rishabh hugs Rakhi while Rakhi tells him that she wants to meet Rajveer’s aunt. 

Meanwhile, Kavya tells Karan that Rajveer is not guilty and he will have to save Rajveer. 

She also tells him the complete truth about the temple incident and that Rajveer is really a good person and one crore rupees are nothing compared to his goodness. 

Kavya asks Karan to ask himself if he thinks that Rajveer can do this while Karan recalls all the things Rajveer has done for him.

In the meantime, Palki comes to Gurpreet's house and asks about Rajveer. 

On hearing that Preeta is not home and is not picking up her phone, Palki gets worried.

She tells Gurpreet that something happened at Luthra's house and Preeta has gone there. 

Preeta gets Into an Accident

Meanwhile, Preeta is crossing the road when she gets into an accident while someone comes to her help and takes her to the hospital. 

Later, Shaurya is about to go clubbing with Sandy when Nidhi calls him and tells him to come home immediately. 

Elsewhere, a knock sounds on Gurpreet’s door and Mohit opens the door to see Shrishti standing at the door. 

Seeing curiosity on their faces, Shrishti introduces herself and asks them to call Preeta. 

At the hospital, a couple admits Preeta who is bleeding profusely. 

Meanwhile, Shrishti continues to call Preeta and gets irritated when she does not pick up.  

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