Kundali Bhagya 20th March 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 20th March 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 20th March 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 20th March 2023 episode starts with Rajveer coming home, shouting to Shrishti that her son is the best. 

Preeta comes running listening to his voice and guesses that he cleared the interview. 

Both Preeta and Shrishti get happy to hear the news and share sweets with each other. 

Just then, Rajveer’s friend comes looking for him while Preeta tells them that Rajveer is going to be busy from now on as he got the job. 

His friends get happy to hear the news and praise, Rajveer. 

After a while, Gautam tells Rajveer not to join the office today as he has to attend Vipin’s wedding. 

As Vipin is about to leave, Shrishti requests Vipin to keep the music volume down or else Preeta will get ill. 

Afterward, Shrishti prays for the peaceful passing of the night. 

At the wedding reception, Rajveer sees an old man in need and comes to help him while someone observes him and asks Vipin who is Rajveer. 

Vipin tells them that he is his best friend who is dear to him like a brother. 

The guest praises Rajveer’s cultured behaviour and asks about his mother. 

Meanwhile, Preeta is home sewing Rajveer’s shirt. 

After a while, music and dancing begin in which Rajveer shines like a beacon. 

Later, some technical fault stops the music while someone tells the band players to play the drum. 

The drum beats are so loud that Preeta gets anxious as memories of the past bombard her. 

After a while she takes her dupatta and walks out of the house. 

Meanwhile, Rajveer saves the girl from being trodden upon and takes her to her parents. 

Later, Preeta comes there telling them to not let the girl marry and the bride's family gets angry and pushes Preeta out while she continues to tell them to stop the marriage. 

One of the family members goes as far as slapping Preeta. 

Just then, Rajveer comes while Preeta tells him that those people slapped her. 

Rajveer’s eyes fill with anger and he calls his friend Gautam to take care of Preeta. 

Preeta tells Rajveer to not let the girl marry as her life will be spoiled if they marry.

In the meantime, the girl's family attacks Preeta for trying to stop the marriage and someone hits her on the head. 

Rajveer's blood boils with rage and he beats each and every one of them while Preeta sits with her hand on her head.

As Preeta walks towards Rajveer, she collides with a chair and her head hits a stone on the floor. 

Rajveer runs with Preeta in her arms as she is hurt and blood comes out of her nose as well.

At Luthra House, the plate which Rakhi holds falls on the floor when Nidhi comes there, telling Rakhi to not do anything in the house as it is not her age to run errands.

She also tells her that she only doubles the work instead of doing the work. 

Nidhi calls the servant and berates them for not doing their job and keeping eye on Rakhi.

She tells them to go and clean the expensive rug that has been ruined due to Rakhi. 

As Nidhi gets busy on the call, Kareena tells Rakhi that she has insulted Rakhi indirectly. 

Kareena also tells her that she wants to scold her for this misbehavior but stops herself, thinking of Karan and Shaurya. 

Meanwhile, Rakhi tells her that she has this feeling as if someone very near and dear is in trouble. 

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