Kundali Bhagya 20th March 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 20th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Karan hitting a vendor by mistake as he asks him to come out while Preeta asks Karan to manage the things and Shaurya and she will take Nidhi to the hospital.

The vendor is not ready to let the car go while Preeta explains to him that the patient is very critical and needs to go to the hospital as soon as possible and asks him to charge the penalty from Karan as he is there with him.

They move the cart aside to make space for the car to go.

Meanwhile, Palki and Rajveer get into an argument as Palki asks him to tell her what is the matter and says that they are engaged and hence there is nothing he can hide from her.

He needs to tell her everything that is happening in his personal and professional circle.

Rajveer asks her not to get worried about him as he can handle his problems on his own while Palki goes and closes the door on Rajveer.

Concurrently, Karan says that he is ready to pay for the damage while the Police come and ask him what is going on as he explains to him.

Karan gives money to the vendor and leaves for the hospital.

Subsequently, Shaurya reaches the hospital and the nurse refuses to admit a suicide case while Preeta requests her to admit her.

Shaurya panics and shouts at the nurse to treat Nidhi as soon as possible while the nurse warns him not to create a scene.

Preeta says that she understands that she can't admit the patient right away but requests her to admit her and she will follow all the formalities once she gets admitted.

The doctor comes and asks her to admit Nidhi while the family arrives at the hospital as Nidhi is taken to the emergency room.

Shaurya sees Nidhi and wonders what might be the reason behind Nidhi's step when Dadi arrives at the hospital and Preeta consoles Shaurya.

Rakhi, Kareena, and Mahesh ask Karan the reason behind her attempt at suicide as Karan stands speechless.

Subsequently, Mr. Pandey receives a call late at night as he is being told that Nidhi Luthra has attempted suicide while he gets a call from Rajveer and tells him about the suicide.

Rajveer thinks that Karan must be responsible for her suicide and he doesn't want this to happen to Preeta thus he has to bring Preeta back.

Meanwhile, Mr. Pandey asks his detective to leak this information to the police as Preeta consoles Shaurya.

She tells him that there must be some tension in her mind which makes her take this step and says that nothing will happen to Nidhi.

The doctor will give good news for sure and she asks him not to cry and think good.

Elsewhere, Karan says that he has no idea why Nidhi did this and adds that it is true they had a fight but he had not thought in his wildest dream that she would take such a big step while Rakhi and Nidhi tell him that family is there to support but Karan is not like them.

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