Kundali Bhagya 20th May 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 20th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Karan saying that they are right at their place but Rajveer is also right at his place while Nidhi says Rajveer isn't right and Karan knows that and if Shaurya gets to know about it he'll be upset with him so Karan shouldn't motivate Rajveer in bad things.

Meanwhile, Kareena says that Rajveer is a bad luck as Preeta for their house while Karan warns her to not say bad words for Rajveer and Preeta after which Nidhi asks him to not misbehave with Kareena for Rajveer nor motivate him for bad things.

After that, Kareena says now even Mahesh and Dadi have started to realize Rajveer's true face while Karan gets tensed thinking the family members are going against Rajveer.

There, Rakhi asks Preeta what's she is doing while Preeta says that Nidhi was right Rajveer works for Anshuman while Rajveer says that it was a misunderstanding after which Rakhi sides him then Kavya says if Rajveer has made a mistake then as a family they will sort it.

Meanwhile, Preeta says Rajveer has made a mistake purposely thus he won't get apology easily then Kavya asks how will Rajveer get apology, after which Preeta says Rajveer has to help Karan in bailing Shaurya out and then do good things in exchange of all the bad things he did.

After that, Rajveer promises to make Shaurya free of jail at any cost and decides to go to meet Shaurya while Kavya decides to accompany him after which Rajveer is emotional as Kavya always understands him.

Just then, Palki also accompany them while in jail Shaurya behaves rudely with Palki and Kavya thus they leave while Rajveer says he is here to help Shaurya and asks to tell him the details of what happened.

However, Shaurya talks rudely with him saying Rajveer works for Anshuman then why he should tell him after which he questions why Anshuman attacks Rajveer at first place if he works for him.

He adds, that's why Karan fought and he had to support him so he ended up here after which he says he doesn't even know if Karan deserves his respect or not.

Meanwhile, Rajveer tries to stop Shaurya from speaking against Karan and Shaurya says that maybe Preeta and Karan have an affair after which they engages into a fight.

The inspector calls Karan about it while Kritika, Kavya, and Palki separates them and then questions Rajveer about losing the cool while Rajveer says he'll find proofs himself now.

Just then, Karan, Nidhi, and Kareena come to the police station while the inspector warns Shaurya after which Shaurya laments nobody loves him in the house otherwise, Karan would have given half property to Anshuman.

There, Karan and the others try to make Shaurya understand but in vain.

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