Kundali Bhagya 21st August 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 21st August 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 21st August 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 21st August 2023 episode starts with Palki telling Daljeet that Shanaya has fallen in love with Kavya’s wedding preparation while Shanaya also tells Daljeet that Palki also dances. 

Meanwhile, Preeta looks interested in hearing Kavya’s name and asks Palki how is she now. 

As Palki tells Preeta about Kavya’s excitement at the wedding, Daljeet asks her what has brought her home. 

On hearing that Preeta has come to borrow green chillies, Daljeet takes her into the kitchen. 

Just then Karan comes inside Palki’s house looking for Preeta.

Mr Khurana is surprised to see Karan in the house while Karan tells them that he was feeling thirsty and looks around searching for Preeta. 

Karan conversationally asks Palki if only they all live in this house while Mr Khurana tells him that his wife is in the kitchen. 

Meanwhile, Daljeet takes her time finding the green chillies and then a power cut happens. 

Mr Khurana sends Shanaya to check if there is a complete blackout and goes to get the candle. 

On the other hand, Preeta collides with Karan while going home to get the candle. 

Karan cannot see Preeta in the dark despite helping her pick up the chillies. 

Later, Shambhu sees Preeta coming out of Palki’s house and calls Nidhi to update her about Preeta and that he will be staying the night there so he does not miss Preeta in the morning. 

Nidhi tells him to make sure that Preeta dies tomorrow as she does not want her in her life. 

Elsewhere, Daljeet screams in surprise to see Karan at her house while Karan explains about needing a glass of water. 

Afterwards, Karan asks them if someone else also lives in this house while Mr Khurana looks puzzled but tells him that only they all live here. 

Karan stops himself from asking about the woman who dropped the chillies as they would have found the question weird. 

He decides to go after the lady who left with chillies as she might be Preeta. 

Meanwhile, Daljeet tells Karan that he should drink tea and praises Shanaya for making a wonderful cup of tea. 

Both Shanaya and Palki look puzzled to hear Daljeet’s white lie while Karan tells Daljeet that he will have the tea next time. 

Later, Daljeet tells Shanaya that this was her trick to make her look good in front of her future father-in-law. 

On the other hand, Shaurya wakes up from sleep thinking about Palki and Rajveer. 

He tells himself that he cannot bear to see Rajveer smile and if Palki is Rajveer’s happiness then he will make sure that it is taken away from him. 

The next morning, Shambhu calls Nidhi to tell her about Preeta leaving for the market while Nidhi tells him to share the location and she will come there too.

Afterwards, Nidhi happily thinks that after today Preeta will be out of her life forever.

Meanwhile, Karan is searching his wardrobe for the right outfit when Rishabh comes there and Karan asks him to help him. 

Karan’s question reminds Rishabh of Preeta who once helped him choose a dress and tells Karan that he is asking the wrong person as he has no fashion sense as well. 

Hearing Rishabh, Karan laughs telling him that he forgot that they are brothers and then tells him that he has to look at par with Japanese clients.

Just then Rishabh sees Nidhi passing by and tells her to help Karan. 

However, Karan is reluctant to accept Nidhi’s help and tells her to go. 

Between Rishabh and Karan’s argument, Nidhi tells them to let her quickly choose as she is getting late while they ask her where is she headed.

Elsewhere, Kavya calls Palki to inform her that she has left her bag at Luthra's house. 

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