Kundali Bhagya 21st June 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 21st June 2024 Written Update

Today's Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Kritika and Dadi wondering why Preeta has asked them to gather in urgency just then Rakhi comes to them and tells them that she thinks Preeta has gained her memory back which surprises them.

Just then, Mahesh also join them while Rakhi says she got to know about it but they shouldn't talk about it loudly as maybe Preeta wants to tell them about it herself.

She says she guessed it because she has a special bond with Preeta then all the family members gather in the hall while Preeta says that she is thankful that no one questioned her even when they must have questions for her.

Meanwhile, Rakhi says that they didn't question her because the doctor said that it can harm her health after which Preeta says that sometimes she can't understand Rakhi's talks but she wish she'll understand them one day while Rakhi thinks why Preeta couldn't understand such a simple thing.

Further, she praises Shaurya and Kavya and says that she has Luthra's property on her name but it's belong to them only.

She adds, that as Kavya is loved by all and she is talented and smart thus she won't take any bad decision regarding the property so she has decided to transfer Luthra's property on her name as if she'll transfer it on Karan's name quickly people would be suspicious.

After that, she clarifies that she trusts Shaurya too but he is short tempered thus Kavya is house owner now and she had only made the papers.

Meanwhile, Shaurya feels relieved that the property is now on Kavya's name thus he can do whatever he wants after which Kavya feels ineligible to handle the property but Preeta assures her.

Just then, Varun comes there and hears it all after which he meets Kavya but she doesn't reveal about the property transfer.

Further, he goes to take a call while Preeta follows him after which Varun praises Preeta's loyal and apologizes to her for his misbehavior.

However, Preeta says she knows Varun hasn't changed and clarifies that Kavya is the sole owner of the property also the property is their house not any money generating business.

Then, Varun thinks Preeta is right but does she know how much money can be made through Luthra's house after which Nidhi tries to instigate Kareena against Preeta that she has transferred property to Kavya to be in their good books while Kareena says she knows Preeta is cunning but they should be relax for sometime.

This makes Nidhi doubt that Preeta is coming in Kareena's good books while Varun calls his real mother aka Sherlyn who asks him to take revenge on Luthra's family hiding his identity.

Later, Rakhi is sad that Preeta hasn't gained her memory back yet while Karan consoles her after which Varun goes into Kavya's room to find property papers just then Kavya comes there as he was reading it.

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