Kundali Bhagya 21st May 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 21st May 2024 Written Update

Today's Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Rajveer, Palki, Kritika, and Kavya coming home while Preeta asks them what happened after which Rajveer says that they don't get to know anything.

After that, Palki says that even Rajveer and Shaurya fight which makes Rajveer disappointed while Palki says that she was silent as Kavya and Kritika had scolded him but she'll say that Rajveer shouldn't have fought with Shaurya as his behaviour is like that.

Further, Rajveer says that Shaurya has said something to him and he can't keep control while the others ask what Shaurya has said but Rajveer refuses to disclose.

Meanwhile, Preeta says that Shaurya might have said something but Rajveer shouldn't have reacted then Rajveer says that only Preeta understands him.

He adds, that he'll continue to help in making Shaurya free as he has promised to Preeta so they shouldn't worry.

On the other hand, Shaurya asks them all to go and talk with the inspector as he'll only talk with them when he'll be out of jail after which Karan says that they are trying but Shaurya refuses to believe him.

Then, Nidhi stays back while Kareena and Karan go to talk with the inspector after which Nidhi puts an emotional act in front of Shaurya which melts him and he says sorry to Nidhi for his behaviour.

There, the inspector warns Karan and Kareena about Shaurya that he has to change his ways to behave otherwise, he'll be transferred to jail where they won't be able to even meet him while Kareena and Karan request the inspector to forgive Shaurya.

In the morning, Luthra's family waits for Rajveer and Preeta just then they arrive with Palki to start discussion on Anshuman while Rajveer apologizes to what happened due to him.

After that, Nidhi tries to blame him but Rajveer says he is just apologizing for Karan's attempt as Karan was asking him to accept something but he didn't thus to make him accept that Karan attempted suicide.

However, he clarifies that he still didn't agree with Karan while he hugs him and Rajveer murmurs to him that he needs time to process things so Karan agrees.

Further, Rajveer asks for Anshuman's number as he has lost his phone so Nidhi goes upstairs to bring her and Karan's phones while Arohi asks her to keep Shaurya on her side instead of helping Rajveer and Preeta.

Later, after getting the phone Rajveer says he'll call and meet Anshuman to make him understand and if he doesn't agree he has something to use against him.

Meanwhile, Nidhi says she'll go to Shaurya to make him understand to give information to Rajveer after which she reveals to Arohi that she is going to instigate Shaurya against Rajveer and Preeta.

There, Karan likes Rajveer idea while Preeta says that they should be careful before attacking Anshuman to prevent any further damage.

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