Kundali Bhagya 21st November 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 21st November 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 21st November 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 21st November 2023 episode starts with Gurpreet telling Mohit that she feels guilty for lying to Preeta about her past. 

Meanwhile, Mohit tells her that they are protecting her from her painful past memories. 

However, Gurpreet tells her that she has an intuition that Preeta is soon going to find out about her past. 

Elsewhere, Shaurya comes after Palki, Shanaya and Rajveer and tells them that they need a glass of water so they have come there. 

Meanwhile, Palki takes offence at Shaurya calling her “Jhumki Wali” and goes to argue with him which becomes a heated fight. 

Later, Karan complains to Rishabh about Preeta who plays hide and seek with him and Kavya and tells him that he is going to fight with her when she meets him next. 

Rishabh tells him to calm down as he must have done or said something to her while Karan tells him that he is not a rowdy person. 

Rishabh tells him that he needs to calm down and then they will talk in the morning. 

Later, Rishabh tells Mahesh that Karan has been behaving cutely ever since Preeta has come back. 

Elsewhere, Shaurya scolds Sandy for trying to imply that he is in love with Palki. 

On the other hand, Palki argues with Shanaya saying that Shaurya crosses his limits by giving her names. 

However, Rajveer calms her down telling her that she should ignore Shaurya as he is nothing but trouble. 

Meanwhile, Shaurya is thinking about Palki and then fights with Sandy for saying that he should not behaved so badly with Palki. 

After a while, he takes a U-turn and tells Sandy that he is only going back to apologise because he is saying so while Sandy smiles at Shaurya’s denial. 

Elsewhere, Mohit asks Rajveer how long he will keep the truth from Preeta and how long will he keep her from finding the truth. 

On hearing that he plans to lie to Preeta again, Mohit tells him that Gurpreet believes that Karan loves Preeta a lot and has risked his life many times to save Preeta. 

However, Rajveer tells him that today everyone was saving everyone because the situation was so dire and even Shaurya saved Palki but does that mean he loves Palki? 

Elsewhere, Shanaya tells Palki that Rajveer is in love with her and asks her if she loves him too. 

Just then Daljeet comes home and is bragging about Shaurya and Shanaya tying the knot. 

Later, Shaurya and Sandy come back to Palki’s house. 

Palki opens the door and Shaurya becomes speechless to see Palki and his trans breaks when Shanaya comes there. 

Palki once again fights with Shaurya and shuts the door in his face which angers him. 

After a while, Rajveer comes there and threatens Shaurya to stay away from Palki or else he will tear him. 

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