Kundali Bhagya 22nd April 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 22nd April 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 22nd April 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 22nd April 2023 episode starts with Shaurya playing guitar in his room while singing a song and looking at the mirror with attitude.

Meanwhile, Nidhi, Kareena, Dadi, and Mahesh enjoy the music while having breakfast downstairs as Karan tries to scold Shaurya.

However, Dadi and Kareena praise Shaurya for his musical talent and Nidhi tells Karan to lower his voice so they all can enjoy musical vibes.

Meanwhile, Shailendra asks Paramjeet if there is any reason for their coming while Jaspreet surprises him by saying that Daljeet already knows that they were coming.

Daljeet serves drinks to them and returns to the kitchen while avoiding Shailendra.

On the other hand, Rajveer tries to stop Preeta, saying that they can't ask for Palki's hand without informing anything to anyone previously.

Preeta tells Rajveer that Palki likes him and cares for him so much, and Rajveer blushes while Preeta notices that and starts teasing him.

Meanwhile, Shailendra tells Daljeet that she didn't inform him about Ketan and his parents coming, and further, he states that he does not agree to the marriage.

Daljeet tries to convince him while saying that Ketan is a well-settled filmmaker and he will keep Palki happy.

This doesn't fit well with Shailendra who gets angry and tells her that he already heard the conversation.

In flashback, Daljeet drags Mahi inside the room and tells her that she will not marry Ketan.

Mahi tries to convince her while saying that Ketan is a filmmaker and he can set her career, but Daljeet shuts her down.

Daljeet tells her that she will fix Ketan's marriage with Palki, so Ketan can be her brother-in-law and will help her make a good career.

This makes Palki overjoyed as she starts daydreaming. 

In present, Shailendra blames Daljeet for destroying her older daughter's life for making a career of the younger daughter.

Daljeet tries to manipulate Shailendra while saying that they chose Ketan for Palki a year ago and if they will deny now, then people will spread rumors about Palki.

Just then, Palki comes there and looks at both of them while Daljeet asks her to serve dishes to the guest.

At that time, Preeta enters with Rajveer and Rajveer gets stunned while looking at Palki.

Preeta mutters that Palki will bring all the goodness and happiness in Rajveer's life while whispering that she is taking the right decision.

Daljeet welcomes Preeta but Preeta notices the guest and turns back by saying that she will come later.

However, Daljeet insists them to stay since they have come on a special occasion and introduces her to Ketan and his parents, Mr. Paramjeet and Mrs. Jaspreet Bansal.

Palki looks helpless while Daljeet shocks Preeta and Rajveer by telling them that they chose Ketan as Palki's groom, a year ago.

Rajveer stares at Palki and tries to leave while Preeta holds his hand and indicates to stay, and Palki notices that.

Preeta tells them that they are lucky as they met Palki first, otherwise she would have asked her hand for Rajveer while praising Palki.

Further Preeta says that she will help with everything needed while asking about the date of marriage.

Just then, Jaspreet tells them that they can have the engagement ceremony the day after the next day.

Shailendra tries to say that it is too early, but Daljeet agrees with Jaspreet.

Daljeet gets excited and congratulates Jaspreet while giving sweets, while Palki stays blank till Mahi hugs her excitedly and congratulates her.

Meanwhile, Preeta feels helpless while looking at upset Rajveer but she hides her expression behind a smile.

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