Kundali Bhagya 22nd February 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 22nd February 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 22nd February 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 22nd February 2023 episode starts with Anjali is very angry with Prithvi.

He asks her to calm herself down because she is in a drunken condition and tells her to leave his house.

However, she shouts at Prithvi angrily and confronts him that it was his plan to bring Rishabh and create a hateful relationship between Arjun and Rishabh.

She says that due to him, her image got destroyed in front of Karan's family.

She confronts Prithvi that he should have asked her for money if that was the reason, but he replies that money was not the only reason.

Prithvi confesses that he also loves Preeta and so he did this all for her.

Sherlyn hears all this and locks herself inside a room.

After Anjali leaves, Sherlyn does not open the door even after Prithvi calls for her many times.

Prithvi's friend approaches him to complain about Anjali breaking his car's window glass and asks for compensation.

He declines the request and talks with him about Sherlyn and how serious she is about the situation.

Prithvi again tries to calm Sherlyn, but she does not open the door.

He exclaims that one woman has broken a glass bottle in his house and the second woman has locked herself up and continues that the woman he loves has married someone else.

Meanwhile, Preeta is surprised to see the decorations in her bedroom.

Karan enters it but is stopped to give money to Kritika.

He finally hands some amount of money after Preeta asks Karan to and then enters the room to have privacy with Preeta.

However, suddenly Arjun decides to open the door and Kreetika, who was trying to listen from outside, almost falls into the room.

Then finally after they all are gone, Karan gets some privacy with Preeta.

They both slowly indulge in a romantic moment.

In the background, the Bollywood song 'Thodi der' is heard as their eyes meet each other.

In flashback, their old memories of romantic moments are shown, as if they are again reliving the moments.

Suddenly a knock is heard from outside the door and Kavya enters the room.

She is determined to sleep with her mother Preeta and wants Arjun to tell her a story tonight.

She further demands to only hear a royal story of a King and a Queen.

Karan kiddingly tells her that there once was a king and a queen who used to love each other but got detached.

Later they again united and they had a small daughter who used to sleep between her parents, teasingly referring to Kavya.

Kavya understands that Arjun is only talking about her and they all laugh together.

After a peaceful night, Karan is the first to wake up and watch Preeta and Kavya sleeping peacefully. 

Gradually they wake up and Kavya praises Karan's presence for which she had a good sleep.

Kavya demands that from this day, she will sleep daily with flowers in bed, and between them.

Just then, Rakhi enters the room and praises Preeta, and asks her to make carrot halwa for everyone as a newlywed.

She takes away Kavya to get her changed while Karan, taking this chance pretends to whisper something into Preeta's ears and then places a kiss on her cheeks.

Preeta shyly protests and leaves the room to get changed.

Arjun is happy and is very thankful to God for giving him back his life and his happy family.

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