Kundali Bhagya 22nd June 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 22nd June 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 22nd June 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 22nd June 2023 episode starts with Rajveer apologising to Palki for being the reason for her broken wedding.

However, Palki tells him that she is glad that her wedding got broken since she did not want to be in a relationship where there's no mutual trust.

She states that it seems like everything was conspired by destiny in her Kundali Bhagya and credits Shaurya for making them meet the other day due to the bus accident.

Palki and Rajveer get lost thinking about their memories and Palki realises that she confessed her heart out to him making things awkward.

Rajveer tells Palki whatever she said sounded pleasing to hear and flashes a smile at her.

Meanwhile, the masked guy finds unconscious Preeta and Karan and musters that he will finish Preeta's chapter today.

He tries choking Preeta's neck with wires but fails as a door with fire falls over him pushing him aside.

Preeta tries waking Karan up but the masked guy pulls her along his side while Preeta holding Karan's hand screams his name as the memories from the past overtake her.

Elsewhere, Rakhi sees Rajveer and Palki lost in each other and they both end up making excuses to defend themselves but Rakhi keeps on smiling seeing them.

Rakhi's eyes get teary as she tells them that they both remind her of her daughter-in-law and son embracing them both while Shauya gets frustrated seeing them together.

Rakhi tells Palki to get the "Kadha" for her and Palki nods happily.

Elsewhere, Shaurya throws the chair in anger remembering Rakhi's special moments with Rajveer and Palki.

Nidhi tries to calm Shaurya but he sternly tells her to do something otherwise he will do something that will turn things against everyone.

Shaurya tells Nidhi that even she does not love her as she did not take his side.

Nidhi realises that her presence in the Luthra house is because of Shaurya and she cannot let him turn against her.

Further, Nidhi stops Shaurya telling him that she can sacrifice everything for him assuring him that they will punish Rajveer with or without the support of the family.

They walk to the hall telling Rishabh, Rakhi, Mahesh and Kareena that they are not doing anything against Rajveer and letting him be free.

Shaurya states that he does not feel as if Rakhi even loves him as much as she showers her love on Rajveer.

Rishabh mocks Shaurya for thinking so off against his family members while Sandy interrupts them and defends Shaurya.

However, Rishabh scolds Sandy for speaking in-between and Nidhi tells everyone to focus on the issue stating that she will punish Rajveer if they don't.

Nidhi asks Rajveer to come along but Rakhi stops Nidhi stating that nobody will get Rajveer arrested.

Further, Nidhi asks Rakhi to come along telling her that they need to fulfil Shaurya's wish otherwise he will be hurt.

However, Rakhi tells Nidhi that she will not let anyone bow down to Shaurya's demand for punishing Rajveer.

Nidhi states that she is giving her respect to portray that she has taken the decision.

Further, Rakhi proclaims that Shaurya is responsible for Rajveer's counter-action but Nidhi tells her that she is disappointed by her like always.

Nidhi walks out telling Kareena to make Rakhi realise her wrong decision.

Meanwhile, Shaurya taunts Rajveer for weaving magic on his family as they are defending him unnecessarily.

Just then, Nidhi tells Rajveer that she will get him arrested just like he did to Shaurya.

Elsewhere, Rakhi tells Kareena that they should guide both of them reminding her how Rajveer's maasi saved Shaurya from getting arrested.

Kareena tells Rakhi that Rajveer and Shaurya cannot be compared and suggests Rakhi stand by her family.

In the hall, Nidhi tells Shaurya to come along but as Shaurya unlocks the door, the police come along with Raja and Nidhi stands baffled.

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