Kundali Bhagya 22nd March 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 22nd March 2024 Written Update

Today's Kundali Bhagya episode Starts With Karan trying to take Preeta aside to talk while Kareena asks him to talk there only.

Meanwhile, Kavya asks them to think about Nidhi for right now, and Dadi consoles her, after which Karan asks Preeta to come aside but Kareena stops them again and tries to talk about Karan and Preeta's relationship with Preeta.

However, Karan requests her to stop and takes Preeta aside, while Shaurya stops the police and asks them if they think Karan is responsible for Nidhi's condition.

Just then, Rakhi comes there and the police leave while Rakhi tries to calm Shaurya saying the police just investigate every case similarly so they just assume that Karan can be a suspect but it's not like that.

Further, Shaurya asks if something has happened between Nidhi and Karan, and when Rakhi doesn't reply he goes to confront Karan.

There, Rajveer comes to Karan's room and checks everywhere for the files he needs but can't find them and then he stops at a locker.

On the other hand, Shaurya confronts Karan about what happened between him and Nidhi while Karan remembers Nidhi's threat of suicide but lies to Shaurya.

After that, Shaurya leaves getting angry and Preeta tries to console him, while Shaurya is unable to understand Preeta's words and keeps crying, to which Preeta says that she just wants Shaurya to not cry.

On the other hand, Karan comes back with medicines for Nidhi while Rakhi confronts him for bringing Preeta into the house which triggers Nidhi to suicide but Karan tries to defend Preeta.

Meanwhile, Rakhi stays firm on her stand and says that Karan should send back Preeta, and if Shaurya gets to know Preeta is the reason for Nidhi's suicide attempt then he'll hate Karan and leave.

After that, Karan thinks Preeta has first right over him while Rajveer tries to unlock the locker and finally does it with Preeta's birth date to take the files and blames Karan for hurting Preeta still using her birth date as a password.

Just then, Mahesh comes to the house and Girish tells him about Rajveer's arrival while Mahesh says he is going upstairs only.

There, Preeta asks Shaurya to be strong while Shaurya says he can't when it comes to his mother, to which Preeta thinks Rajveer and Shaurya are the same like two brothers.

Meanwhile, Shaurya asks Preeta to not tell anyone about his crying and leaves while she calls Rajveer to talk to Shaurya.

After that, Rajveer understands that it's related to Nidhi and hurries to go to the hospital, puts the files back in the locker, and closes it but one file falls on the ground.

Just then, Mahesh comes and asks Rajveer the reason for his arrival, to which Rajveer lies that he is here to drop a file and leaves hurriedly.

However, Mahesh tries to ask him about the file but Rajveer makes an excuse which makes Mahesh suspicious.

There, Kavya and Dadi talk about Nidhi and worry about her thinking she should have not done it.

On the other hand, Preeta feels dizzy by suddenly getting past flashes of Nidhi just then Rajveer comes and worries for her along with Karan, while Karan goes to call the doctor.

However, Preeta feels better while Rajveer doubts that Karan might be responsible for Nidhi's attempt, to which Preeta says it can't be as Karan loves Nidhi a lot and is praying for her.

Meanwhile, Rajveer thinks Karan has double standards, Preeta asks Rajveer to comfort Shaurya, and Rajveer taunts Karan while Karan thinks to win back Rajveer.

Further, Rajveer comforts a crying Shaurya and they share a brotherly moment.

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