Kundali Bhagya 22nd November 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 22nd November 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 22nd November 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 22nd November 2023 episode starts with Palki ranting to Shanaya about how Shaurya is big trouble and how he dared to call her "Magarmachi" (female crocodile).

She huffs and sits on the bed, folding all the clothes while Shanaya comments how she likes Palki's angry mood as she cleans everything during that.

On the other hand, Sandy tells Shaurya that he has fallen in love with Palki and he even throws his life to save her.

Similarly, Rajveer and Mohit are on the bike and Rajveer says that he is glad to have met Palki as he loves her a lot.

Meanwhile, Shanaya reminds Palki how she also called Shaurya a "magarmach" (crocodile) while Palki says that it doesn't mean he can call her a witch that eats people.

At Luthra's house, Kareena comes to Rakhi, saying she feels Shaurya loves Palki and might end up rejecting marriage for her.

This prompts Rakhi to say that she thinks it is Rajveer who loves Palki and vice versa which makes Kareena say that she might be wrong too.

However, what will they do if they go to Daljeet's house with a marriage proposal for Shanaya and Shaurya ends up rejecting it at the last time?

The next day, a the office, Mahesh, Karan, and Rishabh get into a funny argument as to how they tolerate Mahesh only because he is their mother's husband.

This makes Mahesh annoyed as he proceeds to fight them out in a very funny manner.

He says that he still possesses the capacity to placate and impress his wife and leaves the office as Karan and Rishabh laugh out loudly.

Just then, Shaurya barges into their cabin and asks Rishabh how they accepted Rajveer's proposal and not his in the board meeting. 

He notifies them how people are applauding Rajveer and shaming him which makes Karan scold him, saying Rajveer deserves it and Shaurya should learn something from this.

After Shaurya huffs and leaves in annoyance, Rishabh reminds Karan that to school adult kids is to not scold or fight with them all the time.

Outside, Shaurya encounters Rajveer and taunts him, asking him if he fed something to Karan as every time, he takes his side and asks him to learn business from Rajveer.

Rajveer boldly lets him know to follow Karan's advice and not waste his time, and gracefully leaves the spot.

At Luthra house, the ladies are waiting for Mahesh who enters with a scared expression and Rakhi asks him for permission whether they can go to Shanaya's house to ask her hand in marriage for Shaurya.

When Mahesh says what if he told them no as Shaurya isn't ready to settle down while Rakhi complains to Dadi that her son is very irresponsible.

All the ladies gang up on an alone Mahesh who tells them to phone or call the Khuranas as they need not bully him in this.

Daljeet twirls in happiness after Rakhi calls her while Shanaya is trying to stop an auto with her friend.

However, a car ends up splashing mud on her face which makes her friend stop the guy.

The guy turns out to be Shaurya who helps Palki wash her face but gets mesmerized by her beauty.

When Palki sees him, she blames him for every trouble in her life and he drives off while her friend teases her about him.

Meanwhile, Preeta comes to meet Rajveer at the office but senses Karan's presence near her.

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