Kundali Bhagya 23rd April 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 23rd April 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 23rd April 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 23rd April 2023 episode starts with Shaurya getting ready when he gets a call from a lady informing him that he has won the STV Style Award.

He gets happy & thinks to tell the family about it but stops himself thinking that they do not care about it that much.

Shaurya thinks to celebrate and starts drinking but stops as he recalls Preeta convincing the judge to let him out of the jail.

He thinks that he would not be getting this award if she had not helped him.

However, he again thinks about Nidhi's words telling him that people like Preeta are looking to take advantage of rich people.

Back at the Chawl, Rajveer, and Palki lock eyes while Mahi looks at him and thinks that if Rajveer was rich, she would have married him.

Preeta asks Mr. Khurana if he is worried and asks if she can help in any way but Daljeet interrupts saying that he just doesn't know how to express his feelings on his face.

Daljeet tries to change the atmosphere and tells them about the time when Mr. Khurana cried out tears knowing that she had given birth to a girl.

Preeta gets a flashback of herself telling this sentence to Karan and gets a little hazy which Rajveer notices and asks her if she wants to go home or not.

She refuses and tells him to help Palki with putting the dishes away in the kitchen.

Palki and Rajveer go to the kitchen where he apologizes to her for not being able to confess to her.

She also gets teary eyes as she says that she wanted to confess too but thought that it would be too early.

Palki turns to leave but her dupatta gets stuck in Rajveer's watch, stopping her from leaving.

As Rajveer helps her remove the dupatta, they continue to look into each other's eyes and recall their moments together.

He asks her if she is happy while she in turn asks him the same questions.

To avoid the topic, he congratulates her and tells her that she can confess still what she wanted to tell him since it is not too late.

Palki tries to gather up her courage but fails as Ketan comes there and asks her for a cup of coffee.

Rajveer leaves the room while thinking that Palki is moving on and he should too since he has to complete the main thing he came to Mumbai for.

He goes to sit with the family where Mahi is scrolling on the internet and screams in excitement.

The family asks her what has gotten her so excited and she tells them about Shaurya winning the STV Style award.

Rajveer expresses his distaste towards him while Mahi talks about Shaurya's father, Karan Luthra.

The tea falls from Preeta's hand and it burns her feet but she tells the family that she is fine.

At the same time, Karan also has tea fall on him and he tells the family that something unusual is happening to him for the past few days.

As Karan leaves from there, Kareena asks Mahesh and Dadi if they notice how Nidhi changes into a sweet person when Karan is present and is rude when he is not there.

They both disregard her talk and start gossiping about Rakhi.

Back at the Khurana house, Palki rushes to treat Preeta's wound and scolds her when Preeta tries to resist.

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