Kundali Bhagya 23rd December 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 23rd December 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 23rd December 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 23rd December 2023 episode starts with Rakhi and Kareena requesting Surya to leave Rajveer.

Just then, Mahesh arrives with the lawyer Mr. Malkhani, handing over Rajveer's bail papers, prompting Surya to command Rajveer's presence.

Mahesh replies to him that he didn't do right, and that wasn't needed while Surya says he did what was right and allowed to him.

On the other side, the constable comes to Rajveer and unlocks him saying he is bailed.

Shaurya gets shocked and asks who got the bail for Rajveer.

The constable says Mr Karan Luthra which angers Shaurya, while Rajveer goes from there, and Shaurya gives him an angry look.

After his departure, Shaurya thinks Karan helped Rajveer but did nothing for him.

There, Rajveer comes to Luthra's family and thanks Karan for getting him bailed, while Surya warns him to not create a ruckus in the police station again.

Rajveer says he has to go somewhere after completing the legal process and ask Luthra's family to meet Shaurya as he'll feel good and asks Karan to do it as well, and goes from there.

Surya permits them to meet Shaurya while Karan goes from there saying he doesn't want to meet Shaurya.

Mahesh goes after him, on the other side, Daljeet, Shanaya, and Palki come to the police station, and Daljeet asks Shanaya to pretend in front of the media that she is so affected by Shaurya's arrest.

Shanaya says she doesn't need to do it as she is genuinely worried about him, but Daljeet asks her to show more through acting.

She gained media attention and the media started questioning them.

There, Mahesh tries to stop Karan but he says he is fed up with saving Shaurya after his mistakes, and he is sure that he knows someone who is involved in this drug selling.

Mahesh says Shaurya can't do that, to which Karan says he knows.

But he feels Shaurya was about to do something wrong and get trapped himself, and he'll find out that.

Palki sees Rajveer getting out of the police station and requests to tag along with him, wherever he is going.

Rajveer tells him about Raman and says he is behind drug selling and shows his picture, he adds, that he has taken his number from the office security, and throughout the number, he'll get to know about his address.

On the other side, Shaurya talks rudely with Luthra's family, while Preeta goes to a lawyer and tells him about Shaurya's case, but the lawyer refuses to take it and Gurpreet asks Preeta to don't worry as Luthra's family will find a lawyer for him.

There Karan and Luthra's family come out of the police station and Karan asks Mahesh to take the family home from one car, while he is taking another car.

Rajveer and Palki take Raman's address through Rajveer's friend and go to find him, initially, Raman hides from them, but then Rajveer spots him, and chases him.

Meanwhile, Karan cries sitting in his car alone, and misses Preeta, he rests his head on the steering wheel, while Preeta passes by hears his crying, and sees him through the car's window.

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