Kundali Bhagya 23rd March 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 23rd March 2024 Written Update

Today's Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Rajveer coming out of the hospital being emotional remembering Shaurya's condition.

Just then, Anshuman calls Rajveer to ask him if he has taken the files from Luthra's house, to which Rajveer tells him that his mother called him to the hospital so he couldn't.

After that, Anshuman asks him to go there again while Rajveer says that he can't go leaving the family tense, to which Anshuman makes him remember his avenge but Rajveer says he'll take it when he feels right, and Anshuman doesn't need to teach him.

Further, an angry Anshuman decides to teach a lesson to Rajveer too along with Luthra's family.

There, the doctor tells Luthra's family that Nidhi's condition is critical, while they are trying her just then the media comes to question Luthra's family.

On the other hand, they question Shaurya too while initially, he tries to rebuke them saying they always blame the husband for the suicide case, to which the reporter says that they are right in 99% of cases.

Further, they ask how is Karan and Nidhi's relationship, to which Shaurya complains and says that if anything happens to Nidhi, he won't leave Karan.

There, the media continues to question Karan while he asks them to go as they are stressed right now but the media continues to blame Karan for Nidhi's condition.

Meanwhile, Luthra's family tries to defend Karan but in vain just then the police come to take Nidhi's statement but when Karan stops them saying she is critical, the police arrest Karan.

After that, Karan reaches the police station where the media troubles him but the inspector stops them.

There, reporter Shukla talks with a reporter saying they should get the increment just then, Anshuman calls him and asks him to keep poking Shaurya to reveal things as he has seen his interview he is Luthra's weak point and asks to take as much money he wants.

Further, Shukla goes to interview Shaurya again while Luthra's family gets to know about Shaurya's interview also Preeta and she worries as she understands that the reporters are manipulating Shaurya to spill things.

After that, a nurse tells Preeta that Shaurya is still giving the interview outside of the hospital so Preeta runs to stop him.

There, Shaurya says in the interview that he only told the truth thus he doesn't have any regrets while Rajveer sees it and curses Karan just then Gurpreet and Mohit come and see the news, to which Rajveer says Karan is only getting karma and Mohit consoles him.

On the other hand, Palki and her family see the news and Shanaya decides to go to Luthra's family after which Daljeet stops her but still Palki goes.

Meanwhile, Preeta rebukes the media for manipulating Shaurya and sends them back, to which Luthra's family sees it through mobile and Dadi says they should have done it.

The doctor asks them to leave the place as they might become a threat to Nidhi and Kavya leaves the place being hurt.

There, Preeta scolds Shaurya for giving the interview as he should talk with Karan if he has any problem and asks him to not do it again and leaves.

Meanwhile, Shaurya sits tense.

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