Kundali Bhagya 24th February 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 24th February 2024 Written Update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 24th February 2024 episode starts with Karan telling Rajveer that Shrishti used to be his best friend too and always sided with him when he fought with Preeta. 

He tells him to think from his position who was told that his beloved wife is dead and his son is nowhere to be found. 

Karan tells him that he had Shrishti and no knowledge about his existence but he had no one for the past twenty years. 

He assures him that he will put everything to right and will change his hatred to love. 

Caressing Rajveer’s cheeks and hair he cries for a while until he feels at peace and then drives the car while Rajveer remains unconscious. 

Elsewhere, Girish finds Shaurya’s shoes in the monitor room while searching for a cat and decides to tell Kavya about it.

Meanwhile, Varun calls Kavya expressing his anxiousness about getting engaged to her and not being sure that he deserves her or not. 

However, Kavya tells him that she loves him the way he is and he does not need to overthink anything else. 

Elsewhere, Preeta comes to the road telling Gurpreet that if Rajveer does not come home in five minutes then she is going to search for him. 

Just then Palki comes there and Preeta asks her if she knows where Rajveer is while Palki thinks of her encounter with Rajveer a while ago. 

Just then Karan’s car arrives there and Preeta is shocked to see him unconscious.

Preeta asks Karan what has happened to Rajveer and if he is drunk. 

Karan tries to distract her saying they should take him inside while Palki watches Karan go inside.

Gurpreet tells Palki to not take offence at Rajveer’s drinking as he is a very good boy. 

Later, Karan asks Preeta not to mention that he brought him home or else he will feel embarrassed. 

However, Preeta is not ready to be lenient but Karan tells her that sometimes there are times when the person has some problem that he cannot share with anyone and resorts to drinking. 

Preeta tells him that she will definitely scold Rajveer for coming home drunk as everyone has problems in life but it does not mean that they can get drunk. 

Gurpreet tries to calm Preeta when Karan tells her not to say anything to Preeta. 

He also tells them that Kavya is getting engaged the next day and they all are to come. 

However, Preeta tells him that it will not be possible for her to come as it is her first day at the job but her blessings are with Kavya.

The next morning, Nidhi is busy looking after the decorations when Rakhi tells her to eat breakfast first and then do the work. 

Meanwhile, Shaurya also comes there and tells Nidhi that she should eat first while Nidhi feels happy to have Shaurya’s loving attention. 

Just then Karan also comes there and tells everyone that he has an announcement to make but he will do it in the evening because it is such a big announcement. 

Meanwhile, Rajveer wakes up with a headache and recalls drinking heavily the previous night.

As Rajveer comes out, he finds Preeta packing her purse and asks her if she is going somewhere. 

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