Kundali Bhagya 24th March 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 24th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Kavya confronting Shaurya for giving an instigating interview against Karan and asks him how can he do that.

Meanwhile, Luthra's family tries to calm her down but she doesn't and continues to rebuke Shaurya for defaming Karan's image in the media even when he does so much for the family.

However, Rakhi says Shaurya is a child and lets it be while Kavya says that he can't be the child ever after blabbering about rubbish things and he should have been silent.

After that, Shaurya says he won't stay silent and that whatever he said was right while Kavya says Shaurya should be ashamed and she is ashamed to call him her brother.

Further, Shaurya says that Kavya doesn't need to say him brother as she has another brother Rajveer, and taunts Rajveer for not being there.

There, Gurpreet tells Rajveer and Mohit how her friend badmouthed Karan while Rajveer says Karan deserves it as he is a bad person.

Just then, Palki comes there and rebukes Rajveer for thinking badly of Karan even when Preeta knows Karan is good that's why she is working with Luthra's family.

However, Rajveer says that Preeta is too innocent to understand people's true faces while Palki swears Rajveer that if he doesn't help Luthra's family in their tough times she'll never talk to him.

There, Preeta decides to talk with Nidhi to prove Karan's innocence and enters Nidhi's ward.

She asks Nidhi to wake up while Rajveer sees it from outside.

Meanwhile, Preeta asks Nidhi to wake up as Karan is arrested for provoking her to suicide and her family needs her.

Further, she comes out of the ward and asks to see Rajveer that he should do something, to which Rajveer asks what can he do and asks Preeta why she is so attached to the family.

However, Preeta dislikes his rude behavior and leaves while Shaurya says Rajveer knows Karan is wrong thus he isn't there, to which Mahesh gets angry while Kareena asks him to calm down as Shaurya isn't in a state of understanding things.

After that, Shaurya says that Luthra's family doesn't care about Nidhi while they deny his claim but Shaurya says they are here only for Karan as if anything happens to Nidhi, Karan won't be saved.

Further, everyone leaves Shaurya getting angrier while Preeta prays for Luthra's family's betterment.

She says how she feels a connection with Luthra's family and says that she is unable to make Rajveer understand so the god should show him the right path.

Just then, she decides to go and meet Karan to get an idea but is stopped by Rajveer then, Preeta asks him why he changed so much and doesn't help Luthra's family.

Meanwhile, Rajveer stays firm on taking Preeta home also the nurse says the same but Preeta doesn't agree.

Further, Rakhi and Kareena ask Dadi to send Preeta back, and Dadi convinces Preeta for the same.

There, Varun and his family see Karan's arrest news and Varun goes to help Luthra's family while Gautam and Ruma think now how their plan will be successful.

On the other hand, Palki's family with Gurpreet and Mohit talk about Karan while Shanaya says she should go there but Daljeet stops her saying it's a serious case.

Just then, Preeta comes and takes the side of Karan and Luthra's family saying they can't be wrong.

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