Kundali Bhagya 24th May 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 24th May 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 24th May 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 24th May 2023 episode starts with Shaurya getting excited while announcing that he has to attend a wedding.

However, Sanju and Sandy try to convince Shaurya to attend a concert rather than a wedding.

Since Shaurya reveals that he is attending Palki's wedding and worked hard to get an invitation, Sanju and Sandy agree to attend the most entertaining wedding.

Meanwhile, in Palki's room, Palki's earring dops while touching up, and Daljeet gets annoyed while searching for it.

On the other side, Rajveer keeps looking at Palki with eyes full of love when Palki looks at Rajveer through the mirror.

Just then, Simmi walks in and notices the eye contact between Rajveer and Palki when she finds Palki's earring.

At the same time, Preeta walks in to inform that people from the groom's side have arrived.

Daljeet and Simmy rush to welcome them when Gurpreet signals Preeta to look at Rajveer while leaving there.

Preeta asks Rajveer about what happened but Rajveer leaves after hiding his tearful eyes.

However, Preeta follows him outside and tells him that some people can't be able to hide their feelings due to their expressive faces.

Further, Preeta tells Rajveer that she is his aunt and she can understand him very well by reading his facial expressions.

Preeta tells Rajveer that she has seen the love for Palki in his eyes and it's his last chance to confess it.

Since Preeta says that she also likes Palki so much and thinks that Rajveer and Palki are made for each other, Rajveer coldly replies that he is focused to achieve something important.

He further states that he doesn't have time to get tangled with love.

As Preeta tries to make him understand that he can build his career even after getting his love, Rajveer replies that he has understood about the luck factor and he thinks that everyone can't get everything they want.

Rajveer tells Preeta that he doesn't love Palki and Preeta warns him, not to complain afterward.

At Luthra House, Dadi and Kareena get shocked when Rakhi tells them that she has seen Preeta in the temple while crying.

As Dadi and Kareena try to comfort Rakhi by saying that maybe it was her illusion, Rakhi explains the whole story that she has seen Preeta twice, near the temple.

Just then, Nidhi walks downstairs and behaves rudely with Kareena and Dadi orders them to manage the house rather than gossiping all the time.

Nidhi annoyingly tells Rakhi to stop her Preeta-story and take a rest while blaming Rakhi that she intentionally got injured so Karan can blame Nidhi for it.

However, Rakhi keeps looking helplessly at Nidhi when Dadi and Kareena walk Rakhi to her room.

Nidhi tries to calm down herself by muttering that Rakhi is just trying to provoke her by taking Preeta's name and everything is okay as Preeta is not alive anymore.

At Palki's house, Shailendra and Daljeet welcome Ketan and his family with a celebration and everyone looks happy except Rajveer.

Soon after that, Rajveer gets upset when Mahi playfully teases Ketan by saying that his eyes are wandering for searching Palki.

As Mohit notices Rajveer's sadness, he gets annoyed by thinking that now he can't help Rajveer anymore as Ketan has already arrived there.

Soon after that, Mahi feels embarrassed as Daljeet calls 'snacks', a 'snake', and corrects her when everyone bursts into laughter.

However, Rajveer leaves the wedding place while getting disheartened.

Meanwhile, Ketan sits in the mandap for the wedding rituals and Mohit follows Rajveer.

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