Kundali Bhagya 26th March 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 26th March 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 26th March 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 26th March 2023 episode starts with poor people threatening Shaurya with punishment for trampling their houses with his car while Shaurya is least bothered.

Just then, Karan and Rishabh come there and ask the people what is the matter. 

However, Shaurya tells Karan and Rishabh to go as he will deal with this problem. 

Karan gets irritated to hear the complaints of people whose houses have been destroyed and who would have died if they were inside. 

Shaurya tells them that they should not have built the houses on the footpath as roads are for cars not the houses.

Karan gets angry and tells Shaurya that cars are meant to be on the road and not on the footpath and he is the one who has broken the rule so he should apologize.

Shaurya objects but Karan tells him to apologize right this minute, he apologizes quietly and walks out from there while Karan assures them that he will get them new houses. 

Later, Shaurya complains to Rishabh that Karan humiliated him in front of everyone and he hates him a lot. 

Meanwhile, Karan tells his manager to shift those families to their low-budget housing complex and curses Shaurya and boys like him. 

Later, Karan tells Rishabh that he is a failed father because he cannot handle Shaurya but Rishabh tells him to calm down.

He tells Rishabh that he will have to tell Nidhi to teach Shaurya to be humane and kind instead of leaving him to trample people under his car.

Rishabh tells him to let Shaurya grow up at his pace as he was like him too at this age. 

Meanwhile, Rajveer and Preeta board the bus to Mumbai while Preeta tells him that she use to live in Mumbai with Shrishti but she cannot recal.

However, Rajveer recalls his conversation with Shrishti and feels sad and Preeta tells Rajveer that she feels safe when he is around her.

Preeta expresses her excitement for the journey and tells him that he feels like his own son. 

She also tells him about Mumbai and calls it a city of dreams and blesses him that all his dreams will come true. 

On the other hand, Karan calls Nidhi, shouting at her about Shauarya, and tells her to keep him locked inside until he learns to be human. 

He also tells her that Shaurya has trampled almost a family on the footpath and would have gotten in big trouble because of this accident.

Nidhi tells Karan that she will talk to Shaurya and goes to Shaurya who asks her what his Hitler father told her now.

Nidhi tells him to not call his father Hitler and avoid him until his anger cools down, stating she will always support Shaurya and he knows that. 

Shaurya tells her that he loves her more than his real mom Preeta about whom Rakhi keeps singing praises. 

Rakhi overhears Shaurya and prays for a Miracle to return Preeta back to them. 

On the bus, a family talks to their toddler and insists on him to call out “Maa”. 

Rajveer overhears the conversation and thinks about Preeta who would have been delighted to hear him call her Maa. 

He thinks about the Luthras and promises to take revenge on them for taking away Preeta’s happiness from her. 

On the other hand, Shaurya and his friends are driving towards the farmhouse while Shaurya thinks about Karan’s scolding and feels angry. 

Thinking about Preeta and Karan, Shaurya tells himself that he hates Preeta and Karan. 

After a while, Shaurya asks the girl to hand him another beer while they tell him that their stock is finished while his friend suggests stopping at the Dhabha to refill their liquor supply. 

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