Kundali Bhagya 26th March 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 26th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Preeta praising Karan saying he cares a lot about his family and she saw him praying for her too, to which Karan looks confused so Preeta clarifies that she listened to it by chance.

After that, she praises Karan for being a loving husband but still, when Karan stays silent she apologizes to him for making him embarrassed.

However, Karan covers it by saying that they are friends so it's ok just then a constable comes and asks Preeta to go as Karan's family has arrived to meet him.

Meanwhile, Karan tries to stop Preeta but she goes, after which Rakhi and Kareena are seen discussing who might be with Karan when they are his family and worry if it's from the media.

Just then, Rakhi sees Preeta, they scold Preeta for coming there and then they head to meet Karan while Kareena instructs Rakhi to not tell Karan about their meeting with Preeta.

After that, Rakhi says that she isn't feared of Karan and he shouldn't meet with Preeta, which is heard by Preeta.

There, Sukhwinder sides with Palki and asks Daljeet why she was scolding Palki while Daljeet asks Shanaya to tell Sukhwinder about the matter, to which Shanaya first mentions that Daljeet slaps Palki.

Meanwhile, Sukhwinder gets angry and says that Daljeet shouldn't make a ruckus outside of the house and discuss things inside and asks them to come inside.

There, the inspector tells the media that if Nidhi doesn't become conscious until tomorrow and gives a statement in favor of Karan he has to be jailed, and even if Nidhi gets well after the verdict Karan has to reopen the case.

Just then, Preeta intervenes that they should come to take Nidhi's statement tomorrow and takes a guarantee that she will be conscious and give a statement in Karan's favor.

On the other hand, Karan argues over Preeta with Kareena and Rakhi which makes them irked so they leave while Karan looks tense.

There, Palki is sad when Rajveer comes there and consoles Palki while she complains about Daljeet she constantly insults him which she doesn't like, to which Rajveer asks her to not think negatively about her mother and they will be always together expressing he feels lucky to have her.

On the other hand, Sukhwinder scolds Daljeet for behaving badly with Palki like a stepmother, while Daljeet says that Palki was fighting with her for Rajveer and she has to stop it.

However, Sukhwinder says that if Palki takes the wrong step in anger then it'll be a shame for Daljeet so if she wants to separate Rajveer and Palki then she'll help her.

Further, Sukhwinder calls Rajveer and Palki and blesses them while Preeta requests Nidhi to wake up if she can hear her as her family and Karan are broken without her and pray.

Just then, Nidhi gains consciousness while the inspector comes to take her statement and sends Preeta out.

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