Kundali Bhagya 26th May 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 26th May 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 26th May 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 26th May 2023 episode starts with Rajveer intensely staring at Shaurya and walking towards him but gets interrupted by another guest.

Meanwhile, Sanju and Sandy discuss Shaurya’s changed behaviour toward crackpot Rajveer and Palki.

Shaurya smiles seeing Preeta

At the party, Preeta personally greets all the guest and ask for their comfort and Shaurya observes Preeta doing everything without flaunting and smiles.

Palki's daadi praises Preeta and tells that Palki resembles her but Shaurya interrupts her and applauds Preeta for being the best in the world.

He tells her that Preeta is a stranger but gets him like no one else in the world; just like a mother.

Daadi gets agitated and asks Preeta about Shaurya and Preeta refers to him as her son.

Preeta takes Shaurya aside and adorably scolds him for considering Palki wrong and tells him to approach the world with a positive outlook.

In the meantime, Sandy and Sanju enter the party and Shaurya tells Preeta that his friends always save him  from being reprimanded.

As Shaurya walks toward Sandy and Sanju, Rajveer grabs his arm and takes him aside.

Shaurya tells Rajveer to talk to him without touching him except for the hot girls.

He tells Rajveer that he loves when Rajveer stares at him with full rage in his eyes.

Rajveer asks about Shaurya's friend’s presence at the party and Shaurya tells him to ask Ketan about his presence.

Further, Shaurya walks to his friends and asks Sanju to do as he says and Sanju leaves.

Meanwhile, Rajveer gets juice for Palki and asks her the reason for her stress.

Palki tells Rajveer that she is afraid of Shaurya’s presence at the wedding but Rajveer comforts her that he will not let anything awful happen as they get lost in each other’s eyes.

Rajveer tells Palki with a heavy heart that she will be leaving the house tonight but she will always be staying in their heart.

He assures Palki that he will always stand by her side no matter what the situation would be.

Palki asks Rajveer why he is so good to her while Rajveer says because she is so good to everyone while Ketan's mother eavesdrop on their conversation.

Ketan's mother warns Rajveer

Further, the juice glass is about to fall but Rajveer and Palki save it in time together and Ketan’s mother taunts Rajveer to maintain his distance from Palki.

Rajveer leaves and Ketan’s mom asks Palki to get herself cleaned while Shaurya and Sandy keep an eye on Palki.

Palki on her way to her room gets stopped by Shaurya. 

She taunts Shaurya for not creating problems at her wedding or if he is maintaining Luthra’s status quo.

Shaurya tells Palki that he is Ketan’s boss and she should respect him while Palki irritably tells him that she will never respect him for his designation.

Shaurya makes a nasty comment about Palki and Rajveer and asks her to maintain her distance from Rajveer.

Palki furiously shuts him up and leaves from there and Shaurya calls Sanju to meet him in a guest room.

On the other hand, Rajveer keeps an eye on Sandy and Sanju and asks about their motive to attend the wedding.

Sandy bluffs Rajveer and tells him that they are only attending the wedding for Shaurya’s business partner.

Just then, Daljeet calls Rajveer to help Daadi with the address and asks him to take care of the guests.

Meanwhile, Shaurya tells his friends that he will not do anything without making noise.

In the meantime, Palki walks toward the mandap and Maahi stops her and asks her to throw some tantrums since she is the bride tonight.

Palki gets lost seeing Rajveer and Maahi unintentionally asks if she has seen her groom and turns around and finds Rajveer standing there.

Maahi takes Palki inside the room and asks her the reason for her stress.

Palki tells Maahi that she is irritated by Shaurya’s presence and is scared because he might create a scene to ruin their special day.

Mahi calms down Palki and comforts her that Shaurya hasn’t done anything till now and won’t do anything further.

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