Kundali Bhagya 27th May 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 27th May 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 27th May 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 27th May 2023 episode starts with Mahi telling Palki that Shaurya is just trying to irritate her and tries to change the topic while asking about Rajveer.

As Palki gets restless by thinking that Mahi likes Rajveer, she keeps telling Palki that Rajveer always wanders around her and gives a sweet smile.

Palki feels relieved when Mahi says that she doesn't like him.

She then tells Mahi to stop her nonsense talk when Mahi asks Palki if she likes Rajveer.

Meanwhile, Rajveer stops Shaurya by holding his hand and furiously asks about the reason for his presence at Palki's wedding.

Since Shaurya tells Rajveer to calm down, Rajveer drags Shaurya by holding his arm and takes him into the room.

Rajveer goes mad while blaming Shaurya that he won't be here without intending to cause a problem.

Shaurya replies that he deserves to hear the truth and starts saying that Palki has brought bad luck to him since the day he met her for the first time.

Further, Shaurya arrogantly says that Rajveer is just like 'by one get one' trouble, attached to Palki.

However, Rajveer gets shocked when Shaurya warns him that he is here to clear all accounts with them as Rajveer had humiliated him publically.

Rajveer gets scared and tries to make Shaurya spill his plan, Shaurya replies that not only Rajveer but everyone attending Palki's wedding will remember it for the rest of their lives.

As the brothers' tussle between themselves, Mr. Kukreja walks into the room and asks Rajveer to let Shaurya leave.

In Palki's room, Palki gets shocked when Mahi says that she likes Rajveer and then asks Palki what she can do if many more girls out there, also like Rajveer.

As Palki gets serious, Mahi keeps praising herself by saying that she is the crush of all the boys as Ketan's proposal was also her in the first place.

Just then, a lady comes to get Palki for the marriage ritual and Palki walks with her without hearing Mahi's advice of showing bridal tantrums.

Soon after that, Palki walks toward the mandap when Ketan offers his hand to Palki and everyone starts cheering up Ketan.

Rajveer gets emotional when Palki holds Ketan's hand and sits in her place.

Just then, Sandy and Sanju smile at Shaurya while walking backstage and Rajveer gives an angry look to Shaurya.

Panditji is about to start the rituals when Vishal, Ketan's cousin, grabs everyone's attention by saying that he wants to reveal the romantic side of Ketan.

As everyone gets curious, Vishal asks DJ to start the projector while excitedly announcing that Ketan has already prepared for their honeymoon destination.

Since everyone gets amazed by seeing that Ketan has selected Paris for their honeymoon, Mohit notices tearful eyes of Rajveer.

As the slides on the projector keep changing with the hotel view and the tourist destinations, Daljeet whispers to Mahi if she has done a mistake by refusing Ketan's proposal for Mahi.

However, Mahi gets emotional while saying that Palki is her sister and she is so happy for her.

Soon after that, Panditji is about to start the marriage ritual when Ketan gets stunned by looking at one of the slides on the board.

As Palki gets confused by Ketan's look, she lifts her eyes to watch the screen and gets stunned.

Everyone gets shocked when they see the photo of Rajveer and Palki hugging each other and starts looking at them simultaneously.

Since Rajveer is facing opposite the screen, he turns around at Palki's reaction and can't believe his eyes.

There is a photo of him while caressing Palki's face when she got kidnapped.

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