Kundali Bhagya 27th September 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 27th September 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 27th September 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 27th September 2023 episode starts with Daljeet telling Palki that she has seen Shaurya’s parking and it is way bigger than their house. 

However, Palki tells her that although their house is small but nice and comfy and they like it the way it is.

Shaurya Experience A Pull Towards Palki

Meanwhile, Shaurya tells Daljeet not to scold her as Palki is a bit silly girl. 

Palki gets angry and tells Shaurya to stop pretending to be sweet and don’t ever dare to call her silly. 

Palki walks in temper and is about to fall when Shuarya catches her in his arms. 

However, the moment freezes for Shaurya as he gazes into her eyes while Palki looks stunned at the contact too. 

Just then, Rajveer also comes there and looks shocked to see Palki in Shaurya’s arms while Palki sees him too and walks inside after freeing herself.

Rajveer glares at Shaurya for a minute and follows Palki inside. 

On the other hand, the inspector asks Preeta why she has kidnapped Nidhi but Preeta tells him that it is Nidhi who is the criminal here and tried to kill her using Shambhu. 

The inspector tells her that Nidhi is accusing her of kidnapping to steal her jewellery.

Gurpreet and Mohit also speak in favour of Preeta and that Nidhi is the one trying to kill Preeta. 

Both the parties argue until the inspector shuts them up saying that Shambhu’s testimony will be the deciding proof. 

Nidhi tells him to call her when Shambhu wakes up while Preeta and Shrishti also ask the inspector to let them go if he is letting Nidhi go to which the inspector relents. 

Rajveer Acts Possessive

Elsewhere, Rajveer comes to ask Palki to take good care of herself and not fall especially when Shaurya is around. 

Palki looks confused and asks him what is he trying to say while Rajveer tells her that he does not want her to be near Shaurya. 

Palki tells him that he already knows that she does not like Shaurya and that he is overreacting. 

However, Rajveer gets anxious and tells Palki forcefully that he cannot bear to see her around Shaurya so she should stay away from him.

Leaving Palki stunned, he walks out from there huffing and puffing. 

Preeta Threatens Nidhi

Outside the police station, Nidhi is shocked to see Preeta and Shrishti free and threatens to get them locked up again. 

However, Preeta tells Nidhi that truth cannot be locked and it is free.

Nidhi looks puzzled while Shrishti tells her that her hired goon has confessed everything and now they know everything. 

Nidhi cannot take the insult Shrishti dishes at her but Preeta tells her that Shrishti is right and she deserves everything. 

After a while, Preeta tells Nidhi warningly that she will be watching her like a hawk and one wrong move will make her pounce on her. 

Shaurya Feels Love For Palki

Elsewhere, Sandy comes to Shaurya while he tells her about saving Palki just a moment ago. 

He also feels disappointed that Palki did not thank her and that he should have let her fall. 

Meanwhile, Sandy asks him why he saved her and should have let her fall when he hates her so much. 

Shaurya tells him that she has no interest in Palki and only in Shanaya and that too because of Rajveer. 

However, Sandy tells him that he is hiding his feelings behind the big ego. 

Just then Shanaya brings tea and Shaurya praises the tea when Palki comes out from her room and Shaurya cannot take his eyes off her. 

Afterwards, Shaurya feels uncomfortable and abruptly leaves. 

Outside the house, Shaurya is venting his anger on Sandy and later on Rajveer for having feelings for Palki when Palki comes there with his mobile. 

Shaurya experiences serenity around her and all his anger dies down. 

On the other hand, Preeta tells Nidhi that her countdown has begun and she should be prepared for what is coming to her. 

Later, Nidhi arrives at Luthra's house to find everyone busy preparing for the Dahi-Handi celebration.

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