Kundali Bhagya 28th December 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 28th December 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 28th December 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 28th December 2023 episode starts with Shaurya telling Preeta that he feels lonely and Preeta tells him that she will be with him always. 

Shaurya tells Preeta that she is the best and asks her whether he can sleep on her lap and she nods at him.

Preeta consoles Shaurya and soon, he falls asleep while on the other hand, Nidhi asks Karan what he said leading Karan to state that he never forced her for anything.

Karan states that Nidhi knows what is Preeta for him and adds that no one can take Preeta's place making Nidhi state that she doesn't want to take Preeta's place. 

Nidhi states that she wants her place in Karan's life and Karan tells Nidhi that that won't happen while Dadi asks them to stop it.

She tells Karan that he cannot see anything because he is blind in love and tells the Luthra ladies that they understand what she expects from Karan and what she sacrificed for Shaurya. 

Nidhi confronts Karan for telling her to leave the house making Karan disagree and further reminds Nidhi that she decided to leave the house. 

Karan asks Nidhi what she wants him to do making Nidhi tell Karan to apologize to Surya and bring him back home.

He states that Surya won't be released even if he apologizes to Surya and resolves to deal with the case legally while Rakhi asks them to stop it. 

Rakhi asks Karan how can he tell Nidhi to leave the house when Karan tells her that he told this to Nidhi and not Preeta. 

Dadi tells Karan that Nidhi is Shaurya's mother and he can't snatch Nidhi's rights from her while Rakhi tells Karan to meet Shaurya.

Meanwhile, Mr Sharma tells Surya that he will do the nightshift and Surya leaves from there when Karan comes there and meets Mr. Sharma. 

Karan tells Mr Sharma about Shaurya's arrest and Mr Sharma permits Karan to meet Shaurya making Karan thank him and go inside. 

The constable tells Preeta that the meeting time is over when Shaurya coughs and Preeta goes to bring water.

Shaurya wakes up and learns that Preeta went to bring water for him when Karan comes there and Shaurya refuses to talk to Karan.

Karan asks Shaurya if he is involved in drugs but Shaurya refuses to say anything while Karan states that Shaurya can't become a part of the Luthra family if he is involved in a drug case.

Therefore, Karan cuts off all ties with Shaurya while on the other side, the people who helped Rajveer and Palki take them to godown and the goons beat Rajveer up.

Back at the jail, Preeta tells Karan that she will take Shaurya's responsibility when Karan tauntingly tells Preeta that she will arrive soon. 

Preeta tells Karan that he made a mistake by not trusting Shaurya while Karan states that he trusted Shaurya but he disappointed him making Preeta state that Shaurya needed care which he failed to give.

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