Kundali Bhagya 28th May 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 28th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Shaurya complaining to Karan that he didn't talk to him in that tone on the first day of his arrest while Preeta asks them to leave the talka and eat the food first.

After that, Rajveer sits to have food while Shaurya remembers Anshuman's words that there is an affair between Karan and Preeta after which he tells Preeta that he won't eat food if she has brought it for him as well as he isn't hungry.

Further, Preeta feeds food to Rajveer after which she asks Shaurya to sit and have food while he says that he has already told that he isn't hungry after which Preeta orders him to sit and eat as she isn't asking him if he is hungry or not.

Ahead, Shaurya sits on the table and Preeta feeds him food and gives him water when he coughs after which Rajveer asks Karan to have food with them as well then, Karan gets emotional after having a bite and leaves asking Preeta to come after having food.

There, Karan sits on the bench crying just then Preeta comes there and sits besides him after which she asks him to not lose hopes as the days aren't always same.

She adds, time will change and things will be in their favour while Karan says he has failed as a father because despite being a powerful businessman he is unable to release his sons.

Meanwhile, Preeta gets happy with the fact that after Rajveer supporting Anshuman and even provoking him for suicide Karan still consider him as his son while Karan says that he lost his cool and cut the veins it wasn't Rajveer's fault.

He adds, that he has failed as father as both Rajveer and Shaurya are in jail due to him while Preeta asks him to be strong and try again as a father can't lost after which Palki comes to meet Rajveer.

After that, Rajveer apologizes to her for losing his cool on Anshuman while Shaurya makes fun of him that Anshuman even ditched him.

Just then, Kavya comes and asks Rajveer and Shaurya to not fight and Karan will make a plan to make them release while Shaurya sees Palki calming Rajveer down and decides to snatch Palki from Rajveer.

Further, Rajveer sent Kavya and Palki from there concerning for their safety while Shaurya teases Rajveer over Palki after which he changes his cell.

Meanwhile, Karan and Preeta come home after which Nidhi, Arohi, and Kareena taunt Karan for executing Preeta's plan and increasing problems for Shaurya.

Nidhi blames Karan for Shaurya's problems while Preeta tries to stop her but in vain after which Preeta talks with Nidhi in private and asks her to not blame Karan as he is already broken.

However, Nidhi points out she is Karan's wife and Shaurya's mother and Karan is creating problems because his focus is on her thus she should stay away from them.

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