Kundali Bhagya 29th July 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 29th July 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 29th July 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 29th July 2023 episode starts with the inspector asking Rajveer about who his mother is.

Rajveer and Preeta try to take Shrishti out

Rajveer signals Preeta saying that she is his mother while the inspector asks him who was outside to call him her son.

Shaking his head, Rajveer states that one mother has birthed him and one has raised him.

Meanwhile, as Rajveer states that he works in Luthra Industries, the police inspector says that it looks like he might not work there anymore.

Just then, Preeta anxiously states that Rajveer himself won't go to Luthra Industries now as people there might have big money but very small hearts.

On the other hand, Shrishti converses with a jailmate and tells her that she is soon going to get bail.

She curses Karan while her jail mate asks her if she is cursing her husband which makes Shrishti vigorously shake her head.

She asks the girl not to use too much brain as her old family dynamics are very complicated when Karan enters the prison.

Shrishti freezes on her spot hearing Karan's voice who also gets stopped to see Shrishti but her back is turned towards him.

Karan soon leaves followed by Nidhi whom Shrishti wants to stop.

Karan and Preeta miss confronting each other 

Meanwhile, Rajveer takes Shaurya's name that he is here because of him but Preeta says that her instinct says Shaurya cannot do this.

Rather his mother, whom she met outside, seemed very wrong and she might be the one behind this.

Hearing Preeta's side of the story and Rajveer's goodness, the police inspector says that this might seem like a classic case of revenge.

Preeta asks Rajveer if there was any animosity between him or his rival in the office when he remembers something.

Rajveer states that one day he took a sole decision that didn't sit right with Shaurya and maybe that is why he did this to him.

Hearing this, Preeta gets annoyed while Karan enters the police cabin, catching the inspector's attention.

Preeta's gaze is somewhere else as the inspector asks Karan to wait outside.

However, Preeta tries to see Karan who turns around and feels Preeta's presence around him.

Sajda song plays in the background as Preeta's eyes try to follow Karan who gets distracted by Nidhi, asking him to go out with her since she feels suffocated and doesn't want Karan and Preeta to meet.

Preeta goes back home leaving Rajveer

Meanwhile, Karan questions Nidhi as to whether she is lying to him since she has been sweating profusely.

Nidhi tells him that once she is sure of what she saw and is thinking, then she will definitely tell him.

In the meantime, Preeta agrees that this is a tale of revenge while the inspector says that the senior officer is here and will decide things.

Senior inspector gets informed of Rajveer's arrest after Shaurya Luthra's complaint as his parents also came a while ago.

Preeta gets startled and goes after Karan even when Rajveer tries to stop her.

Mohit also comes there while Shrishti runs to stop Preeta. 

Further, Rajveer instructs Mohit to lie to Preeta about Gurpreet's health and take her back home on the bike so she forgets about meeting Karan.

Meanwhile, Nidhi is again asked by Karan how she is feeling now which she takes the wrong way and asks Karan why can't he normally ask her how she is with care and affection.

Outside, Preeta tries to search for Karan and spots him talking with Nidhi but her view gets instructed by another constable talking with someone else.

Karan also starts to feel Preeta again but Nidhi does act of falling, making Karan's attention fall on her.

Just then, Shrishti also comes there and tells Preeta that it is not Karan but gets shocked to hear so much conviction in Preeta's voice when she says that she knows Karan's face even when she doesn't know him.

Mohit arrives there and lies that Gurpreet had an accident, taking Preeta back home.

Elsewhere, Karan goes inside again with Nidhi while Rajveer tries to avert his gaze from them.

However, Nidhi smugly states that they have filed a complaint against Rajveer.

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