Kundali Bhagya 29th March 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 29th March 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 29th March 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 29th March 2023 episode starts with the doctor telling Rajveer to work more and talk less as many people need their attention. 

Meanwhile, Rajveer stares at her while she cleans Preeta’s wound and turns to him afterward. 

After a while, another person calls her and she goes to attend to him but calls Rajveer to assist her as well. 

While attending to the patient, the doctor also tells him that she is yet to become a doctor but seeing so many people in trouble, she could not stop herself from helping them. 

Meanwhile, Rajveer explains to that person the meaning of the oath that binds every doctor to put their patient's health first. 

She hops from patient to patient dragging him with her but Rajveer is concerned about Preeta and does not want to leave her alone. 

However, the doctor tells him that Preeta is unconscious for a while and he can help her in the meantime. 

The doctor continues to assume Rajveer to be a doctor and asks him where is he going, leaving her alone. 

Meanwhile, Shaurya stops the car and looks at the damage while asking his friends if they should not have stopped him then.

Sandy tells him that it was their fault while Shaurya tells him that they had fun and it was an unintentional mistake. 

Just then, Nidhi calls Shaurya to ask him if he has reached the farmhouse while Shaurya tells her about the accident. 

As Nidhi understands the problem without him telling her, he calls her smart which pleases Nidhi and she admits to being smart. 

Later, Nidhi tells herself that there is no doubt in her smartness and that is why she has made him smart too.  

Meanwhile, the doctor tells Rajveer that she needs his help and forces him to help her while Rajveer refuses to help her. 

Just then, Preeta wakes up and tells Rajveer to go and help that girl. 

Rajveer goes to help the doctor while she tells her to not stand looking at her and start bandaging the injured. 

However, she stops him when he begins bandaging without cleaning the wound while the doctor's monologue starts again, telling him that she does not understand what kind of a doctor he is and whether he was sleeping during the lectures. 

Rajveer gets irritated and tells her that he does not want to be a doctor but apologises to her. 

The doctor tells him that he can talk if he wants as they live in a free country. 

As Rajveer tries to speak, the doctor cuts him, saying that he only took the degree but has no intention of treating the patients.

Later, Preeta tells Rajveer to clear the misunderstanding while Rajveer tells her that the doctor is not letting him speak. 

Later, Preeta and the other passengers shift to another bus to go to Mumbai. 

Meanwhile, Rakhi opens the door for Karan and chides him for not having any time for her. 

Karan feels annoyed and tells her that he will not attend the call and she can talk to him now. 

Rakhi tells him that Shaurya has gone astray and Nidhi is not controlling him. 

She tells him that he has no interest in the household matter and Nidhi has raised Shaurya as his son and Shaurya thinks of him as his mother.

He also tells her to take care of the household matter herself and if she will explain things to Nidhi, then she will understand. 

After a while, Dadi tells Rakhi that Karan has no interest in the house after Preeta’s death.

Karan overhears Dadi but continues to move feeling hurt and thinks that he is very angry at Preeta and that whenever he will meet her, he will fight with her for leaving him alone. 

In the meantime, Preeta gets down from the bus in Mumbai and feels a connection to the place.

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