Kundali Bhagya 29th May 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 29th May 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 29th May 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 29th May 2023 episode starts with Ketan telling Palki that she has betrayed him.

Shaurya is delighted at Ketan’s reaction while Rajveer tells him that all this is not as it seems and they cannot decide based on these photos what really has transpired there. 

Jaspreet tells him that they all can see clearly that he and Palki are in the picture and how they have betrayed them. 

Rajveer tells them that this all has been presented in a misleading light and tells them that Palki was kidnapped but he did not know the kidnapper then but now he knows. 

He tells them that the society is so strange that they crucify a girl on the basis of misunderstanding but the culprit roams the street free. 

Meanwhile, Jaspreet tells everyone that she has gotten suspicious the day at the jewellery store when Palki hugged Rajveer. 

However, Preeta tells Jaspreet that she can understand that the pictures are misleading and making her suspicious but the jewellery store matter has no bearing on this.

She tells her that Palki was scared that day and Rajveer was helping her.

That is why she leaned on him for support which is a natural human response. 

Ketan Breaks Off the Wedding

After a while, Ketan’s uncle tells Jaspreet that he has decided that this marriage will not take place now which Jaspreet agrees wholeheartedly. 

Ketan tells Palki that he is breaking off this wedding. 

Just then, Daljeet faints at the shock and Palki tries to go after her but Jaspreet stops her, telling Palki to return the engagement ring as the ring is too expensive and her fingers are cheap. 

Ketan also tells her to return the ring but Palki continues to stand numb at the demand and accusations. 

Afterwards, Shaurya also leaves the house telling his friends that the entertainment is now over.

As Ketan and others leave, Palki's knees go weak with the shock and she sits on the floor with a thud. 

Mr Khurana comes to Palki and tells her that he has full faith in her and knows that she cannot betray his upbringing. 

Meanwhile, Palki cries brutally and apologises to Mr Khurana for causing the humiliation. 

Rajveer Asks Ketan For A Chance

Later, Rajveer comes after Ketan and asks him about his photographer. 

He asks the photographer if he has any knowledge about editing photos and tells Ketan that he wants to prove to them something. 

Ketan and his family refuse to come back inside and tell him that they have heard whatever needs hearing. 

Meanwhile, Rajveer requests them to give him one chance as they all have daughters at home and knows too well what a girl's reputation means.

Preeta Takes Palki's Side

Elsewhere, Preeta and Gurpreet are taking care of Daljeet who is constantly blaming Palki for bringing down humiliation. 

Preeta looks shocked and tells Daljeet to stop blaming Palki for something she has not done and she as a mother should know that Palki is not that kind of a girl. 

However, Daljeet is not impressed and calls Palki a “Khota Sikka” for shaming them like this. 

She also tells Preeta that she will favour Palki because Palki has been having an affair with her nephew Rajveer. 

Preeta tells her that she believes in Palki not because of Rajveer but because she knows Palki too. 

She also tells Daljeet that she trusts Rajveer and he is raised to be a good person just like Palki is. 

Preeta tells her that she should also have faith in her upbringing. 

Gurpreet thanks Preeta for believing in Palki when no one else is believing her while Preeta tells Daljeet to think like Palki’s mother.

Preeta declares that as women, they already know that women have so many challenges in life and they should stick together when it comes to another women's honour.  

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