Kundali Bhagya 2nd April 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 2nd April 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 2nd April 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 2nd April 2023 episode starts with Preeta, Palki and Rajveer arriving at Palki’s locality. 

Palki goes to get milk while Preeta tells Rajveer that despite being away for so long, this city and its roads feel close to heart. 

Meanwhile, Rajveer thinks to himself that Preeta feels familiar because she use to live in this area only and Karan lives in Bandra. 

Rajveer pays the taxi fare while Palki guides them to her aunt’s house and remembers that she had forgotten to inform her about bringing them. 

Later, Palki introduces her aunt to Preeta and Rajveer and tells them that she has brought them to rent her room. 

Palki’s aunt tells her that she should have informed earlier so she could have dusted it while Palki tells her not to worry as she will clean it in 15 minutes.

However, Preeta tells her that she already likes the room because she is happy to meet the people and that is all they need around them. 

After a while, Palki’s aunt tells her that she looks very familiar while Preeta tells her that she hasn’t been here for years so it's not possible. 

Meanwhile, Nidhi is furious at Kareena and Dadi’s daring to bitch about her and decides to teach them a lesson by canceling their trip to the temple. 

Meanwhile, she sees Karan going out and comes down. 

After a while, Karan returns to find her crying in the temple, shedding crocodile tears. 

Nidhi tells God that everyone thinks that she has spoilt Shaurya but no one understands her love for him including Karan.

She prays to God to give her strength so that she can tell Karan that Shaurya loves him a lot and is a gem but is unable to express himself. 

After a while, she pretends to be surprised to see Karan and tells him that she cannot reach Shaurya. 

Meanwhile, Karan tells her that he heard everything that she said just now and she should not feel sad about her family's comments as they love Shaurya a lot and do not want to see him astray. 

Nidhi presents a sad face to Karan and tells her that she was feeling very low tonight and that is why came to talk to God. 

Besides, it is the tradition of society to blame a mother for her son so she will have to bear all the blames too as she is Shaurya’s mother. 

She also tells him that she was only venting her pain but he does not have to think anything about it. 

Meanwhile, Karan wishes for Rudra to be alive for Shaurya as he would have taken care of each other as he and Rishabh does. 

Elsewhere, Palki gets to work cleaning the room efficiently and methodically. 

Meanwhile, Preeta tells Palki’s spot about the circumstances in which they met Palki and the accident was a blessing in disguise or part of Kundali Bhagya that they come to Mumbai and meet Palki. 

After a while, Preeta realises that Palki is cleaning the room alone and tells Rajveer to go and help Palki. 

Rajveer surprises Palki by coming into the room suddenly and she gets imbalanced on the ladder and would have fallen if Rajveer hadn’t caught her. 

They both get lost in each other’s eyes until the sparking in a bulb distracts them. 

Feeling embarrassed they both get busy with their work but Rajveer continues to watch her through side glances. 

After a while, Rajveer goes out telling her that he has some work.

Outside, he chides himself for getting distracted by his feelings for Palki and tells himself that he will have to find Karan Luthra and confront him for his mother's wounds.

He also decides to teach that spoiled rich kid a lesson.  

Later, he offers to make tea after telling Preeta that the room is almost ready.  

Palki takes Preeta to show her room while Preeta praises the room and calls it familiar. 

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