Kundali Bhagya 2nd March 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 2nd March 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 2nd March 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 2nd March 2023 episode starts with Rishabh getting shocked when Shrishti stops the car at speed. 

Rishabh rebukes Shrishti and tells her to either drive safely or give the car to Sameer as he loves his life. 

Meanwhile, He dials Karan’s number hoping to connect with him. 

In the meantime, Preeta and Karan dance with each other lost in each other's eyes while Neha cuts in to dance with Karan. 

After the dance everyone collects their mobiles and sits for dinner. 

Karan is happy to see Rishabh’s message thinking about his love. 

However, his facial expression changes seeing the message which describes Natasha and Roxy as his killer and that they are in Manali. 

Karan vows to put them behind bars the moment the network comes back online.

Natasha and Roxy overhear Karan and run back to their room. 

Roxy tells Natasha that they are in danger and they will have to kill them before they get to them.

Roxy plans to burn them while Natasha agrees with him as their life is more precious than theirs. 

In the meantime, Sameer, Shrishti and Rishabh are in Manali driving towards the resort while Rishabh tells the driver to drive fast or else they will never reach the hotel. 

Meanwhile, the manager apologises to Karan and Preeta for not being able to arrange the cottage as promised while Karan gets angry at him for mismanagement. 

Just then Natasha overhears them and runs when her phone rings. 

On the other side, Roxy tells her that the material required is in the car and asks her to meet him there. 

Meanwhile, Karan presents some dresses to Preeta and asks her to wear them for him. 

Preeeta blushes to see the sexy dresses and tries to cop out but Karan insists and Preeta gives in. 

After a while, Preeta returns to their room dressed in one of Karan’s dresses blushing from top to toe and looking at Karan with desire. 

Karan wastes no time and covers the distance to feel her near him. 

Preeta walks away from him coyly while Karan stops her by holding her hand and admires her beauty. 

Preeta cannot hold his gaze longer and runs to change into another dress while Karan smiles at her shyness. 

Meanwhile, Karan turns the light to suit the romantic mood and lights some candles. 

Seeing Preeta again in one of his selections, Karan’s eyes brighten with desire while Preeta reciprocates the desire and comes closer only to turn away feeling shy. 

In the meantime, Natasha and Roxy are collecting material from the car to light PreeRan’s honeymoon. 

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