Kundali Bhagya 2nd May 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 2nd May 2024 Written Update

Today's Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Preeta crying and saying that she has a strong connection with Dadi, and she can feel it very strongly.

After that, Nidhi scolds her and says that if she thinks that they don't care for Dadi Preeta gives justification to her that she does not want to snatch anyone from her and does not want to prove that she cares more than her.

Meanwhile, Dadi cries and says that Preeta cares more for her, and she always fights for her from everyone and always comes to help her even when people lash her out.

Dadi points out at Kareena and says that she is her daughter, but she isn't concerned for her at all, and she is busy fighting with Preeta over small things.

After that, Kareena strictly denies Preeta from touching Dadi at any cost while Dadi interrupts and says that no one cares about her will.

Dadi says that she is dying due to her knee pain after that Nidhi holds Preeta's hand and is about to remove her from the house but Dadi stops her and says that only Preeta will do her treatment otherwise no one will touch her.

On the other hand, Karan argues with Mahesh and asks him why he asked for an apology from Anshuman after that Mahesh says that he cannot see him in pain that's why he did so.

Then, his coworker comes there, and Karan asks him to do anything to bring Shaurya out of the jail whereas Dadi tells Preeta that she is feeling good seeing care in her eyes.

Preeta tells Rakhi and Dadi that she feels a kind of attachment to them, and she wants to do everything for them while Rakhi blesses her and says that God will fulfill all of her wishes.

Nidhi manipulates Kareen and says that Rakhi always supports Preeta even after knowing that Preeta is the reason for the chaos in their family after that Kareena justifies Rakhi and says that Rakhi was just thinking about Dadi's pain and Preeta is a good therapist who can take care of Dadi.

Meanwhile, Nidhi is not satisfied and says that she is also supporting Preeta whereas Preeta comes there and says that she should not think wrong about her.

Nidhi says that Preeta just wants to spend time with Dadi, so she always finds an excuse to come over there after that Preeta asks her what her problem is.

Then, Nidhi tells her that she is the reason due to which Rajbeer is there and everyone likes him which makes Shaurya insecure.

Just then, Preeta is about to justify herself, but she receives a call from Karan, and he tells her that he has done Rajbeer's discharge, and he is dropping him back home.

Preeta thanks him and instead of arguing with Nidhi, she returns home to see Rajbeer while he refuses to sit in Karan's car after which Karan scolds him and makes him sit inside the car and takes care of him like a father.   

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