Kundali Bhagya 30th April 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 30th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Dadi lamenting in pain while Rakhi comes to her and asks about her wellbeing while Dadi says that she is in pain so Rakhi gives her the pain killer.

Just then, Kritika comes and worries about Dadi and complains about Nidhi that she overreacted and banged with Dadi that's why she is in pain.

She says that they can't even call Preeta now as Nidhi has insulted her a lot while Dadi says that whenever Preeta comes fight happens in the house.

However, Kritika says that Preeta isn't the reason of fights but she has even forgotten her memories still she cares a lot for their family and comes whenever they need.

She adds, still they insults Preeta so how can she call Preeta now and even she called her but she didn't pick it up which is obvious.

Meanwhile, Dadi says that Nidhi also cares a lot for them and Preeta left her children after which Nidhi raised them thus she has more right.

Further, Rakhi worries for Dadi's treatment and says that only Preeta knows how to treat Dadi but Dadi refused to call Preeta.

There, Palki comes to Rajveer and tells him that he is going to get discharge tomorrow then he can be with his mother while Rajveer talks about complexity of relationships but Palki can't understand him.

However, Rajveer says that he doesn't want to tell her either now just then a nurse Varsha comes to them asking about Preeta and Palki tells she is in reception area.

Then, Varsha rushes from there and Rajveer and Palki follow her to know the matter while Varsha tells Preeta about Dadi's pain and Preeta worries.

Meanwhile, she remembers Nidhi's words and how Arohi warned her that Nidhi can commit suicide attempt again if she comes but eventually she decides to go knowing about Dadi.

At the same time, Rajveer and Palki see them from a far but Rajveer understands that Preeta is talking about Dadi and then has gone to Luthra's house.

On the other hand, Nidhi and Arohi come to the cell to meet Shaurya and instigate him about Karan, Preeta, and family that Karan doesn't care about him being in jail.

She adds, that Karan didn't even tell the family about his arrest and gone to meet Rajveer due to Preeta, they makes him believe Karan doesn't love Shaurya that's why he is giving his rights to Rajveer.

After that, Nidhi promises to bail him out from the jail while Shaurya expresses his disappointment for Karan.

There, Karan and Mahesh come to Anshuman's house and Mahesh apologizes on Shaurya's behalf but Anshuman doesn't accept apology and misbehaves with Mahesh which makes Karan angry but Mahesh takes him from there.

On the other hand, Preeta decides to go inside Luthra's house secretly and treat Dadi before anyone sees her while Rakhi tells Kareena about Dadi's pain but Kareena asks her to not worry as Dadi is acting up so they call Preeta for them.

Later, Nidhi and Arohi ask her the same and leaves while she worries but Preeta enters the house secretly and Rakhi praises her care for them and acts like she doesn't see her.

Further, Preeta treats Dadi which makes Dadi happy.

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