Kundali Bhagya 30th August 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 30th August 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 30th August 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 30th August 2023 episode starts with Gurpreet feeling sorry for telling Shanaya to make tea and tells Preeta that she will prepare another cup for her. 

Later, Daljeet tells Rajveer to bring Palki with him as cabs are on strike today. 

Meanwhile, Shanaya asks him to take her with him too. 

Shanaya Lays Trap For Shaurya

At the Luthra house, Mr Salil sees Rajveer and Shanaya arrive together while Rajveer tells Shanaya to go inside and that he will come after parking the bike. 

Shanaya comes to Salil and tells him conversationally that Rajveer has fallen in love with her and goes inside. 

Later, Saleel tells Shaurya that Shanaya is crazy about him while Rajveer is obsessed with Shanaya.

On the other hand, Shrishti gives Preeta medicine and then asks her what has happened at the hospital. 

Meanwhile, Preeta tells Shrishti that she was attacked twice and the second time the person who tried to inject her was a girl.

Shrishti recalls Nidhi’s presence in the hospital and tells her that she thinks she knows who is that woman. 

On the other hand, Shaurya finds it difficult to believe that Rajveer is obsessive and shares the same thing with Sandy when he arrives. 

Sandy tells Shaurya that the only way to find out is to go and see himself. 

In the meantime, Preeta asks Shrishti to tell her who that person is if she knows it as she wants to know who is after her life and what has she done wrong to her. 

However, Shrishti is not ready to tell Preeta everything and tells her that she is not yet sure but will tell her after investigating the matter some more. 

As Preeta goes to get changed, Shrishti thinks that Nidhi is behind the attack and now is the time to pay a visit to Luthra's house to show Nidhi her place. 

Karan Confess His Love For Preeta 

Elsewhere, Rajveer tells Karan that he has not come prepared while Karan asks Mr Salil why has he not updated Rajveer about the project. 

On hearing Rajveer and Shanaya's names together, Karan scolds Salil for implying that Rajveer and Shanaya are in a relationship and asks Rajveer if he is involved with Palki. 

However, Rajveer tells him that he has no time for all this as he only wants to focus on his work. 

Karan smiles and tells him that he was like that too at his age but the girl he used to hate the most became the love of his life.

Rajveer does not believe Karan and thinks that he still hates Preeta. 

Shanaya Flirts With Rajveer

Kavya comes to Karan’s study room and takes Rajveer with him to take his advice about dresses and jewellery. 

Rajveer looks confused and tells her that Palki will help her choose as he does not know about girls' dresses. 

Just then Shanaya sees Shaurya at the door and affectionately calls Rajveer Raj.

Shaurya gets interested and comes inside while Rajveer tells Kavya that a particular dress will look good on her. 

Shanaya also asks Rajveer about a certain dress and tells him that if he approves then she will wear it on Kavya’s engagement. 

However, Shaurya calls Rajveer’s choice boring and tells Shanaya that another dress will look much better. 

Shanaya very carefully ignores both choices and pretends to fall right into Rajveer’s arms. 

Afterwards, she comments jokingly that this scene reminds her of Raj and Simran from DDLJ. 

Palki cannot bear to see Shanaya in Rajveer’s arms and excuses herself from there. 

Later, Palki recalls her conversation with Shanaya where she asks Palki if she is in love with Rajveer while Palki tells her that she loves Rajveer like a friend. 

Shanaya tells her to think carefully before speaking because if Rajveer falls for her then she will not stop him. 

Palki smiles confidently and tells Shanaya that Rajveer is not that kind of a boy and will never fall for her. 

However, Shanaya tells her that she has a feeling that Rajveer will not only fall for her but will also confess his love. 

Palki comes out of her reverie, walks blindly ahead, and collides with Nidhi. 

Seeing nail marks on Nidhi’s face, Palki asks her about it with concern but Nidhi rudely tells her not to talk to her. 

Later, Girish opens the door and is happily shocked to see Shrishti standing there. 

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