Kundali Bhagya 30th March 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 30th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Karan telling Preeta that some people move on from the past but some can't.

Meanwhile, Preeta is unable to understand him so he diverts the topic saying Rakhi is just under stress as Dadi's problem is years old, and due to stress, she talks rudely with people and then asks Preeta to understand the situation as she knows Rakhi.

However, Preeta feels Karan is hiding something as Rakhi talks in a good way with others and questions the same but Karan denies her claim remembering the doctor's warning.

Just then, he escapes from there under the pretext of receiving a call while Preeta suspects him.

There, Kavya is confused while selecting the jewelry just then Nidhi comes to her and apologizes to her for not being able to help her but promises to get well until her wedding.

Meanwhile, Kavya consoles her and apologizes for not appreciating her efforts for them before, after which Nidhi asks her to not think so as they are a mother and daughter and it's not compulsory between them.

Just then, Preeta comes to call Kavya while Nidhi tells Kavya that she has given the function's responsibility to Preeta which makes Kavya emotional and Preeta asks about it getting shocked.

On the other hand, Shanaya brings a dress to wear to the Mehndi function and asks Daljeet to tell her opinion while Sukhwinder asks if Palki also wears clothes of Daljeet's choice.

After that, Daljeet says Palki just adjusted to what she gets whether it's dress or life partner thus she chose Rajveer without inquiring about him.

Further, Daljeet asks Sukhwinder to join them so that she can also meet Shaurya and his family while Sukhwinder denies it but agrees when Palki says but asks her to promise that she'll also agree to her if she'll ask her something and Palki agrees.

Meanwhile, Daljeet and Sukhwinder sign each other after which Anshuman comes to meet Rajveer and threats him to steal deal papers from Luthra's house today otherwise it won't be good for him.

There, Shaurya instructs the detective to keep an eye on Karan for every suspicious activity as he wants to know what Karan did that pushed Nidhi to suicide.

On the other hand, Preeta asks why Kavya is crying while Kavya remembers Karan telling the truth.

However, Nidhi understands it and consoles Kavya while Kavya looks unsure about marrying Varun as he didn't postpone the wedding but Nidhi makes her calm down.

Meanwhile, Preeta adores their bond and wishes to have a daughter like Kavya after which Nidhi asks Preeta to do rituals as Kavya's mother so she feels like she is doing it for her daughter.

Kavya and Preeta share an emotional moment while Karan notices it.

Further, Preeta takes Kavya from there while Karan appreciates Nidhi's step, to which Nidhi says she wants something else.

However, Karan leaves understanding Nidhi's intentions while Shaurya sees Preeta and praises her to Kavya also states how Preeta gives him motherly vibes.

There, Kavya thinks she can't tell Shaurya about the truth right now and Karan will do it wishing Preeta to get normal.

On the other hand, Karan shares his turmoil with Mahesh about Nidhi.

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