Kundali Bhagya 30th May 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 30th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Karan sits broken in the dark room while Rakhi comes there and consoles him after which Nidhi and Arohi come to meet Shaurya in the cell.

After that, Arohi says to Shaurya if he is shocked to see her but she has come to see Nidhi's happy face after meeting him as she stays always worried for him.

Further, Nidhi asks Arohi to let her talk with Shaurya before the time gets over after which she tells Shaurya that soon he'll be out of jail while Shaurya refuses to believe it as everyone says it to him daily.

Meanwhile, Nidhi clarifies that Anshuman needed Karan's half property in exchange of his release and she tried a lot to convince Karan but he didn't agree.

She adds, now Karan has agreed to give his full property to Anshuman while Shaurya gets happy to know about it and says he knew it Karan loves him a lot after which Nidhi says that Karan isn't giving his property for him but for Rajveer as he is in jail too.

Later, she provoke Shaurya against Karan saying Karan is ready to give his full property but for Rajveer after which she says she is happy with the fact that he'll be free now.

There, Preeta comes to Karan and asks him to be strong also not give his full property to Anshuman as he is a greedy person but Karan says they haven't any other idea.

Meanwhile, Kavya overhears it after which Palki comes to jail to meet Rajveer and tells him about Anshuman's new condition of giving whole property which makes him guilty while Palki assures him that Preeta won't let anything go wrong.

On the other hand, Arohi waits for a coffee in Nidhi's room while talking about Preeta just then Girish hurriedly gives her coffee saying Preeta has come so he has to go which makes Nidhi angry while Arohi calms her down saying Nidhi's impulsive reactions are snatching her position in the house.

There, Shaurya decides to take revenge on Karan after getting released as he loves Rajveer more than him while Dadi and Kareena talk just then they get to know about Anshuman's arrival.

After that, Anshuman says to Karan that he'll solve their all problems after their deal and apologizes for their problems after which he states that even Karan has troubled him a lot by snatching his clients.

Further, Preeta says it's just business rule that clients go to the better business after which she says that Anshuman has to handle Luthra's loans, taxes, and cases after the property will be transferred to him.

This makes Anshuman worried and he decides to discuss with his team while Kareena and Dadi say Preeta shouldn't had do this as it might affect Shaurya's release and Karan sides her just then Rakhi comes there and says Preeta has done this to distract Anshuman.

She adds, Preeta will save them from problem like always.

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