Kundali Bhagya 31st August 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 31st August 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 31st August 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 31st August 2023 episode starts with Shrishti walking towards Nidhi’s room while Girish sends a prayer of thanks for sending Shrishti home.

He prays to send Preeta home too so that this house happiness can return with her. 

Meanwhile, Nidhi thanks Aarohi for always being there for her which makes Aarohi smile and she asks her how is she feeling now. 

Nidhi tells her that when she was among the dead bodies she was really scared and that she wants to get rid of this fear.

Later, Nidhi and Aarohi wonder why is Preeta not coming back home when they are in Mumbai and living so close by. 

Aarohi thinks that there has to be a strong reason and tells Nidhi to send them away from her life before they decide to come here and Nidhi agrees.

Shrishti Misses Rakhi

Meanwhile, Shrishti sees Rakhi standing ahead and feels nostalgic after seeing her for a long time. 

Shrishti feels sad for not wanting to meet her due to the circumstances. 

Just then, Rakhi turns around and senses someone’s presence but gets distracted by a phone call. 

After Rakhi leaves, Shrishti bends down to touch her footprints and then wipes her tears, and goes to Nidhi’s room. 

On the other hand, Nidhi calls Aarohi to ask her where she has gone when the door opens and Shrishti walks inside.  

Palki Cries For Rajveer

Later, Palki sits in the kitchen thinking about Shanaya in Rajveer’s arm and feel anxious. 

Just then, Rajveer comes there and asks Palki why is she looking so upset. 

Palki tries to lie but Rajveer insists and Palki asks him in a weak voice if he likes Shanaya. 

Rajveer does not understand Palki’s meaning and innocently tells her that she is a nice girl and her sister who is often misunderstood by others. 

On hearing that Rajveer can understand Shanaya, Rajveer turns her face with tears in her eyes. 

Rajveer senses Palki’s quietness and is shocked to see her crying.

Palki tells him that something is in her eyes while Rajveer lightly takes her dupatta and wipes her eyes gently. 

Palki feels mesmerised by Rajveer’s closeness and closes her eyes while Rajveer tells her that Preeta often does that. 

Shrishti confronts Nidhi

Elsewhere, Shrishti questions Nidhi about what was she doing near Preeta and reminds her of the threat she has given. 

Nidhi tells her to not dare to threaten her in her home while Shrishti tells her to not forget what will happen if she tells everyone what she has done.

She also asks her about the scratches on her cheek and if she was the one whom she caught at the hospital and is trying to kill Preeta. 

However, Nidhi tells her to leave and not dare to threaten her. 

Shrishti tells her that she is done with giving warnings to her and tells her that if she dares to scratch Preeta, then she will rue the day she was born.

Later, Kavya asks Shaurya why is he taking so much interest in her matters while Shaurya tells her that he is often busy but today he had time and no one has ever asked him before. 

Shanaya likes Shaurya’s answer but asks about Rajveer telling Kavya that she is missing him a lot. 

Kavya tries to stop her from going in search of Rajveer but she tells her that she still went on while Sandy tells Shaurya that there is definitely something cooking between Shanaya and Rajveer. 

Shaurya tells Sandy to wait there and goes after Shanaya. 

Meanwhile, Rajveer stops Palki from leaving the kitchen and caresses her hair away from her eyes. 

Palki cannot control her tears and begins to cry which makes Rajveer uncomfortable and he apologises, going away.

Girish Finds Out About Rajveer And Shrishti

Elsewhere, Girish stops Shrishti from leaving and gives her a tiffin box for Preeta which Shrishti accepts because of his love. 

Rajveer comes there and is surprised to see her with Girish while Shrishti tells him that Girish is family to her.

Seeing Shrishti cough, Girish goes to get water for her while Rajveer asks her reason for being here. 

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