Kundali Bhagya 31st March 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 31st March 2024 Written Update

Today's Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Karan saying to Mahesh that he can't do what Nidhi wants from him and this thing hurts him while Mahesh asks him to leave everything to god as everything goes well as per god's plan.

There, Varun seems in anger and breaks a glass while Roma comes and asks him what happened, after which he says they got to know everything.

Further, Roma asks if Mehndi will take place, to which Varun says Mehndi will happen but they have to stop them while Roma says she doesn't think they will be stopped and they have to see what happens tonight.

On the other hand, Preeta sees that the guests are arriving and the lamps aren't fixed yet so she decides to do it herself, after which Karan sees this and thinks that Preeta might fall from the stool remembering their past moment.

After that, Karan holds her stool and says he is doing it to prevent her from falling as he can't let her fall while Preeta is touched by his words and fixes the lamps.

Meanwhile, she gets past moment flashes and says to Karan that she feels like she knows Karan and everyone in the house from the years, and asks does Karan feels the same.

There, Karan feels good to know that while Rakhi hears it, and comes to them getting shocked.

After that, Rakhi comes to them and asks Preeta to get ready as the guests are coming, and as she has Mehndi's responsibility, she has to fulfill it.

Then, Preeta tries to go home but Karan says she can change there only in her room as he has brought her dress and Preeta leaves.

Meanwhile, Karan asks Rakhi to behave well with Preeta after which Rakhi asks Karan to send Preeta back home so that if she sees her occasionally she will behave well.

Just then, Palki's family comes, and Luthra's family welcomes them while Sandy enters too.

There, Shaurya is getting ready just then he receives the detective's call who tells him that he is here in the waiter's dress and keeping an eye on Karan.

After that, Mahesh hears it but the waiter covers it up while Rajveer comes and bumps into the detective and recognizes him.

Further, he goes to get the file but the locker's password is changed, he also questions Anshuman for sending the detective but Anshuman denies the claim.

Just then, Mahesh comes and sees Rajveer in Karan's room with the locker's open door.

There, Preeta is wearing jewelry after getting ready and Karan sees it from outside and feels their distance, while Preeta gets a feeling of losing something.

After that, her earring gets lost but Karan helps her which is seen by Nidhi and she is hurt while Karan talks about the connection between her and Preeta to Preeta.

Further, Nidhi leaves hearing their talks and feels insecure while Karan gets to know that Preeta doesn't even remember that Rajveer is her son.

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